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The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
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Oct 10, 2008

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Read in September, 2008

A dear friend lent this book to me months ago, exclaiming I had to read it. Not that I need much talking round to read a Nicholas Sparks novel - I just have to be in the mood. So, I thought, when better to read the King of the love story/tragedy than straight after a wedding?

This turned out to be a good choice because this was such a feel-good book. It's about a volunteer firefighter and a single mum but really, it's about how love can rescue you from yourself. The relationships explored in this novel are tender and real. It's unafraid and unashamed in its exploration of life-long grief and childhood development issues. Always sensitive, always insightful, this is one of Sparks's finer novels. This was like a sherbet-flavoured Jodi Picoult.

Sparks said it was his most personal novel as the developmental issues of the protagonist's child were inspired by experiences he had with his own son. I found the family element of the novel enriching and it certainly inspired a few tears towards the end!

He has to be one of my favourite authors for consistency. I'm rarely able to predict the endings of his books and most of the time I really enjoy them. It's nice to have an author you can rely on and without being too sexist, he's one of the few male authors I really like.

Read this novel if: You're in the mood for something modern, light and uplifting.
Don't read this novel if: Hmm...nah...can't think of a reason!
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reemo.books You're so right about his consistency and his unexpected endings!

Enya-Marie Have to disagree about his endings being unexpected, I've read two Sparks books so far and knew the ending from pretty much the beginning! I'm not psychic either...maybe just to cynical to be able to read the book and not question all the 'subtle' hints thrown non-too graciously in. Still, a pleasant read but nothing life-changing or remotely all that memorable for me personally, each to their own ey!

message 3: by Alexandra (new) - added it

Alexandra Towner I enjoyed the book immensely, although I found it cheesy and predictable at times. I believe that you are spot on when you say, "you have to be in the mood." I became frustrated many times because of Taylor's fear of falling in love, and would have to occasionally set the book down to take a break while reading. To be fair, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, and just had to pick the right time to read the book.

I had no idea that Kyle was based off of Spark's son. With this knowledge from your blog post, I now have a different understanding for Mr. Sparks, as well as for his personal connection with the book. As described on page 154, "[Kyle] didn't know enough to be afraid [of the swamp]" (Sparks 154). This knowledge that Sparks has of the situation and the fears of Denise, show only that he was personally involved in a similar situation.

Overall, I thought this book to be well written and interesting. There was never a dull point, as I was always interested in what would happen next. You do however have to "be in the right mood", and understand that when reading this book, you are reading a love story filled with (occasionally frustrating) twists and turns.

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Heather Harvey Love Nicholas Sparks of my favorite authors!

message 5: by Souldrummer25 (new)

Souldrummer25 Thank you for your positive review of this book that helps me assess whether I want to read it or not.

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