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Resolved by Orrin Woodward
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Jun 16, 2012

it was amazing
Recommended to Brandi by: Orrin Woodward
Recommended for: Everyone

I loved this book, definitely one of the best books I have ever read! ! It's VERY informative, thought provoking, and life changing!! I wish I could pass one out to everyone I know. It's SOOOOO worth owning your own!

Throughout history all kinds of books have been written, people used to read to gain knowledge. What genius, artist or inventor have you ever heard about who did not first dream, then study (including books), and finally accomplish their objective? And how many people have sacrificed their very LIVES to read Scriptures from the Lord?

The most popular books these days are pointless fantasies which seem only to waste precious time. Don’t get me wrong, I have frequently been pulled in by books offering mind numbing release from reality! In fact, I love to loose myself in a book, pretending I’m the unpresuming, beautiful, slightly stubborn, yet witty girl who’s adored by the most gorgeous and coveted hero in town. He has all the perfect traits you could ask for, with a little edge to get you fighting with him before he sweeps you off your feet and pronounces his ultimate dedication to your love and happiness. Hmmm, sounds nice… but in REALITY… true love does not come packaged in perfection! True love is not always beautiful! Sacrifice, service, dedication…. Love can be hard and sad but it can also reward you and your loved ones with joy not found in fantasy!

Instead of living in a book of fiction, why not CREATE a life of ultimate joy? Why not live a life a purpose, full of joy and love, a meaningful life. How sad would it be to be at the judgment bar and say, “well, at least my house was clean when I died!” or “At least I finished that book.” How silly. Yet we live every day doing mundane non essentials, just to drag ourselves through… I’m done doing that! I want my Father to say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”!

I have seen a huge change begin in books being written for PURPOSE and I’m thankful we are headed there again! Heavenly Father has so many beautiful plans for us to fulfill and our purpose here is to discover His plans for us. Not only the destination AFTER death which we strive for, but His plan for us DURING the journey. This book helps you to figure that out!

I definitely recommend this book to ANYONE who doesn’t want to be laying on their death bed thinking, “Wow, I’m out of time…. Have I accomplished anything worth while in my life? Did I leave a legacy worth telling? Will my Father be proud?”


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