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An Oral Fixation by Piper Vaughn
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Jun 16, 2012

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3 stars

It's a nice, sweet story. Yet, I couldn't help thinking this as another example of an author imposing what she (and many other m/m romance authors regardless their gender) thought about men: that men don't talk about their feelings whatsoever. A misguided popular belief that jumps from "men talk about their emotion less than woman do" (which is correct) into "men don't talk about their emotion whatsoever, unless their lives depend on it" (which is not). Hence, tons and tons of m/m romance based on this supposedly 'lack of communication'.

Since both MCs are gays (or I should say at least one of them is bi) and they're best friends, there's no real reason for them not to realize their attractions to each other sooner than 2 years. Had one of them been 'straight' before, I can understand. But that's not the case. Even worse, Cooper had to date another guy even though he knew he's in love with Quinn. Likewise, Quinn dated other guys when all he had to do was simply waited for a while since Cooper changed bf/gf like he changed underwear anyway, so there had to be time when they both were available.

And, what's with the animosity between Coop and Patrick? It doesn't add anything to the story, IMO.

Still, the writing was good. So, it gets 3 stars.
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