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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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did not like it

Partial review because I stopped reading the book after the first couple chapters. The unbelievably juvenile map at the beginning of the book should have been a clue that this ride was not going to end well: the names of the roads, towns, forests, etc. were all so retarded (the "Haunted Forest"? - we came up with better names for our D&D adventures when we were only 13!). The prose wasn't bad, although the style was a little affected, and the story line predictable. Maybe - except for Tolkein and White - I am just not a big fantasy fan anymore, although I think it's more the case that most fantasy writers are really just frustrated romance/swashbuckler writers who can't write that well. Seems to me that there is a lot better Sci Fi out there if I want to suspend my belief in reality.
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Laurie I agree. Don't know why this is such a best seller.

Dergrossest Laurie wrote: "I agree. Don't know why this is such a best seller."

Nice picture.

message 3: by CJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

CJ Since its so predictable, please tell me what happens in the book. I'm guessing your not going to be able to guess.

Dergrossest In the spirit of GRRM: Stand fast as I gaze deeply into my crystal ball, which is called the Crystal Ball of Future-Seeing, and let me summon the dark powers of the Otherworld, which are not of our own. By all that is holy and sacred to the Northmen of Frozenland I see the story arc approaching in the snowy mist! There is mischief and betrayal afoot! There are unspeakable horrors! There are epic battles! There are lovers separated by political/ethnic faction! There are more stupid names!

Seriously, while there may possibly be a good story buried in there somewhere (which I seriously doubt), I simply cannot stand the dated writing style. Again, I have nothing against the Fantasy genre in general. However, if I am going to suspend my belief in reality for a few hours, I would rather read something really well-written and creative like Perdido Street Station, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell or the Sandman series. GRRM just does not do it for me.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh, I feel sorry for you. In amongst the "bad writing style" the story is a gem! And sos the writing. But that's just me

Tyler how on earth is the stroy predictable? its probably the.most unpredictable story line ive read, you clearly didnt want to like it so you didnt vbother reading it.

message 7: by Dergrossest (last edited May 16, 2013 07:44AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Dergrossest Great - another GOT slappy. Look, as I explained to the last Defender of the Faith, its not that I don't appreciate GRRM's good intentions - its just that I think he’s a lousy scribe. For Heaven's sake, Homer was more concise than this guy and Dr. Seuss used fewer stupid names! GRRM clearly needed the sort of editorializing that HBO is performing and we should all celebrate that instead of taking umbrage at my relatively innocuous criticisms of his writing.

So please, let’s all take our Greek Fisherman’s caps off, shave our ZZ Top beards, fire up our parents' cable boxes in their basements and look forward to Season 3 together.

message 8: by Nadene (new)

Nadene Thank goodness I'm not the only one who can't read this! I'd heard so many great thing about the book but I too could not get past the first few chapters. I could not get past the wordy tedious prose.

Chris Just started reading this and it's drawn me in straight away. How on earth can you in the same review say that you're a fan of Tolkien but then describe the maps in 'A Game of Thrones' as juvenile when they are the exact same design as those that appear in Tolkien's materpieces. Obviously i cannot comment on the rest of the book until ive read it but i have no doubt that this book will not dissapoint.

Dergrossest The physical design of the maps in the Hobbit & LOTR are similar to those of GOT, but it is the names of the places on the maps which are so different. Tolkien's names in the Hobbit display a child-like innocence, since it was written for CHILDREN, and become much more mature in the LOTR. GOT was written for adults so it has no excuse for its prepubescent phraseology. However, GRRM's silly names are consistent with those used in the rest of his uniformly overrated works.

But I am happy that you are enjoying the book so far. I myself will wait for HBO's infinitely superior television adaptation.

Zachary Guillory If you are going to write a bad review of a book, please come up with a better reason then "the map was unbelievably juvenile". Although I really liked this book, I usually understand when people dislike it. If someone presents a valid excuse, I will understand. But your laughable excuse is honestly just sad

Dergrossest I actually listed a whole host of non-silly-map-name reasons why I did not like the book, including, but not limited to, its pedestrian prose, verboseness and predictability. Further, I could not disagree more with your minimization of the stupid map name issue. Would the "Middle Earth" be as evocative if it were called the "In Between Land?" Would anyone want to read about "Dune" if it were called the "Sandy Planet?" Names matter as much as anything else in a book, particularly when names on a map are the first thing you see.

Finally, I would ask what is more sad, my criticisms of GRRM's naming conventions, or your inability to engage in proper grammar and punctuation?

message 13: by Jack (new) - rated it 1 star

Jack Ekermawi Why do people get offended if you don't like a book they like! You'd think at reading would iron that immaturity out! Well, I salute you for giving up after a few chapters. Once I start I can't stop until I finish no matter the book. This is a curse when reading terrible torturous books like this one.

If you ever make the mistake of writing a fatally exciting book, have this author edit it for you. He is certainly capable of making dull that which cannot become dull. In that he is certainly talented.

message 14: by Brian (new)

Brian Several season into the show, do you still think the books not worth reading? Just curious.

Dergrossest Not only do I still think that the books are not worth reading, I also think that the show is grossly overrated. If not for the unbelievably great casting and acting, I would have abandoned this malignantly violent, gratuitously over-sexed and ridiculously plotted mess long ago.

If you want an interesting and original fantasy series, which does not blatantly recycle worn out Medieval tropes, try Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun. There is no comparison.

message 16: by Brian (new)

Brian I don't think I've ever read any fantasy fiction. It's not a genre that holds much appeal to me, but thanks for the recommendation above. I'll take a look at it.

Dergrossest It is more sci-fi than pure fantasy and has been described as sci-fi's Ulysses.

It is a masterpiece.

message 18: by Brian (new)

Brian Thanks for the link. It was an interesting article and had that word "masterpiece" in it.

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