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On Beauty by Zadie Smith
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Oct 10, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: read-in-2006, especially-great-novels
Recommended for: people who like good novels, college professors with unruly teenage children

to be perfectly honest, i don't remember this book in very much detail. i haven't read it in over two years. i do remember loving it while i was reading it, despite being somewhat distraught over the fact that zadie smith isn't that much older than me & has three books published. but hey, maybe i would have a published book too if i ever got off my rump & bothered to finish writing one. moving on...what i recall is that the book is about a family with three kids. the father, i think, is a college professor. they live somewhere in the boston area (represent!). i can't remember what hijinks the older two kids are getting up to (maybe the daughter is banging a teacher? don't remember), but the youngest kid, who is a teenager, is getting mixed up with a crew of hustlers on newbury street & somehow starts getting all black power on everyone in a nation of islam kind of way, & his family is like, "whoa, what is with the religion & strident politics? don't you know that we're genteel east coast-types who don't thrust our religion in people's faces? & don't you know that we're supposed to act like racism is over?" i mean, i am obviously not remembering it too clearly, but i thought this book was great--one of those ones that i wanted to read again as soon as i finished it. maybe i should have. maybe then i would be able to remember it better. no matter. read it for yourself & see how awesome it is. & don't worry if you couldn't finish white teeth & thought the autograph man was kind of a bore--i thought so too. but this book is great.

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