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The Rich Girl by R.L. Stine
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Jun 16, 2012

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The premise of The Rich Girl is much better than the actual book. I love R.L. Stine and his Fear Street books, as you know, but this was not his best - at least in my opinion. It was over dramatic to the point of annoying actually. The way the plot moved along was completely unrealistic to me. Emma and Sydney find a duffle bag full of money. While Emma wants to keep the money, Sydney is hesitant but finally gives in and agrees to keep it, on one condition: they must bury it and not spend any of the money for two weeks on the chance that someone will come looking for it. After being pressured by her boyfriend to tell him what was wrong, Sydney tells Jason. But things start to happen.... things that seem to have only one explanation. Emma is pushed down the stairs at school, and her car's break lines are cut. For Emma the only explanation is that Jason is trying to kill her for the money. Then weird things start to happen to Sydney as well...

Again, for me, the dramatics of this book were not believable - I'm not saying that any Fear Street book is "believable" (that is why I love them!) but I just could not connect with this one. I figured out what was going on rather early, and I am sure that played a part in my opinion as well. The one thing I will say I liked about this book is what ends up happening to Sydney - now I know this probably sounds mean, but when you read the book this part of the plot gives it a real highlight.

Overall I was a bit disappointed in this installment but I will not be deterred from my love of Fear Street and R.L. Stine. You can't win them all!

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