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Child of Fire by Harry Connolly
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Jun 16, 2012

really liked it
Recommended for: Jon Lewis
I own a copy

A fast paced tale of an ordinary guy who discovers he may not be so ordinary and, in the process, begins to uncover some of the secret history of the world. Think of it as a paranormal urban fantasy bildungsroman.

Connolly crafts exquisite characters - even his least sympathetic characters, including some of the good guys, have depth and enough substance to fill a room.

The story is told from a narrator perspective. Ray Lilly keeps us posted on what's going on, and jumps around in time and place from chapter to chapter. In the right hands, this is a "keep 'em on the edge of their seat" technique but I think it's also quite difficult to pull it off seamlessly.

Connolly does some pretty good work - his later books in this series clearly pull off this switching of time and place in a cleaner, less confusing fashion.

Or maybe I just needed to get used to his style! In any case, Child of Fire is a gorgeous read with great plotting, memorable, conflicted characters, and highly inventive monsters of all kinds.


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