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Awry by Chelsea Fine
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Jun 16, 2012

really liked it
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*Read an excerpt at smashwords (I don't know what is more weird and frustrating, them cutting it so abruptly or the fact that my currency is not dollars so that I can't buy it??). The review is about that since I don't when I'll be able to find the book... Aghhh! Somehow the forty something pages managed to make me have more questions than before! I wanted to laugh hysterically when Scar realized that she didn't in fact remember that she knew where the fountain is!!! It's so hot outside and I'm so frustrated that I want to scream!!

{Sorry for my violent rumblings but when I don't have a book when I want it, I feel like a mama wolf that a hunter took her cubs (Lol, I knew that I shouldn't be reading so many werewolf stories!!)}

Yeah, well. I loved the parallel story about Tristan and Scar. It definitely didn't sound like her. And she was a hunter in her original life?? And Tristan is the earl's son??? I SO love this. And until I find the book I'll be in a dangerous mood.....*


Reluctant to put 5 stars. 4 and a half star review.

Let's see:


I liked that the story's quality was the same as the first book's and that meant awesome. Scar and Tristan's relationship -or lack of it- was tragic and made me want to cry. Forbidden love always does that. The parallel story about Scar and Tristan's original life was a magnificent turn in the story and made it all the more heartbreaking. I was glad that Gabe and Scar realized that their love was not as strong as Scar and Tristan's and so they broke up. I wish it wouldn't be so awkward between them but a break up is not always neat. I <3 that the triangle is no more!

I loved badass Scarlet! When she started 'playing' with the knives to save Heather made me say "I want to be like that" (well, not in killing people; I mean about being confident in your skills!). So many secrets she must have had in her previous life!!!
What I equally loved was Heather knowing about them. It was sooo much fun when she started name-calling everything. I laughed like crazy every time she started making comments (Gabriel's spy name was the BEST:) I really really hope that she will end up with either Nate or Gabe (emphasis on Gabriel!)

Plus, I had liked Laura and I was kind of glad that she wasn't Raven.


Well, they were a lot less than the "What I liked" part.
First of all, I kinda hated it when Scarlet forgot about the fountain when she came back to life. It was so not fair to end the first book in a cliffhanger and at the second installment not live up to the expectations it aroused.

Laura being the bad guy(well, girl in this case). And Clare being Raven (where did that even come from??)

I couldn't help but feel that the first book should be one with the second since that way it would have been more awesome...

What I absolutely hated was the fact that Tristan's life is in danger. Why does he have to die??? Everything was Gabriel's fault anyway. If he hadn't dated Raven and let her get her hopes up she wouldn't go all black witch against him... Ugh... It reminds me of the Salvatore brothers all over again... with Katherine... (don't you dare ask from what book they are from- obviously TVD)..

That being written, I must add that I profoundly enjoyed this installment and I can't wait to read the other one (I hope though that it's going to be the last; too much Scar-Tristan-Gabe-Raven drama isn't good for my health.....

If you haven't already, go read it!
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