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** spoiler alert ** Eh.

I didn't enjoy reading it, so it remained below a three star, but it wasn't really you belong in a dumpster worthy either. To me, it was just so-so.

There wasn't much that I enjoyed, but there were unfortunately a lot of personal pet peeves, such as...

What's with the colored font?

Is there something wrong with the good ol' black? Yes, I understand that it did help distinguish between the two POVs. But isn't a simple font change good enough? Why the color? I physically had trouble reading the gold font. (I also know that Shiver/Linger/Forever had font changes. They were blue/green/and even red. Who wants to read red font?). That was an instant turn off when I first opened Legend. I really hope that color changing doesn't become a new fad.


Such is an example of Forever's red font. It kind of looks like someone bled onto the pages... I seriously hope this doesn't spread.

- Dual POV in first person.

I know that some people really enjoy the first person dual perspectives. I don't really... In Legend, it really just wasn't working for me. I felt that there was no actual point for the changing perspectives. I feel that Legend would have felt much more mature without the dual-first-person perspectives. She could have stayed with just June, because she had access to most of Day's information in the first place, so his perspective didn't feel needed. It didn't advance the story much at all. (Or maybe, third person and then switch?? There's a reason for third person...) I don't like first person switches because it feels unprofessional.

Another thing I dislike about this whole POV thing is that it removes any mystery between the two love interests. I personally enjoy having no idea what the other is thinking. We get to who the girl is going to end up with.

Insta Love

Oh, how I want to strangle you, insta love. I find insta love lazy and extremely dull... And unrealistic.
June and Day's chemistry was nonexistent. I wast actually rooting for some Thomas+June! I imagined him kind of like this... description(view spoiler)

World Building and Age

The world building was, I think, the weakest point of this book. What's with the Republic? What's with the colonies? The diseases? The motives? (view spoiler) I felt really stuck inside of June and Day's heads, peeking out of a hole in a box and trying to see what was in the outside, except I'm on a train. So I can't see anything at all, really.

Also, why are ten year olds taking tests that determine their lives? Really? Ten year olds?? That doesn't make sense. Why are fifteen year olds torturing each other? Why are fifteen year olds searching undercover for most wanted criminals? And...why is Day a most wanted criminal? Why is a FIFTEEN year old a most wanted criminal?


Just no. He's fifteen. Fifteen year olds aren't most wanted criminals. Never. When have you EVER heard of a most wanted criminal who's fifteen? Please, raise your hand!

I looked it up. In our history, only one person is a legible criminal mastermind in his teen years. And that is Artemis Fowl. Artemis Fowl is also fictional.


Anyways, for a story like this, fifteen didn't feel a suitable selection for June and Day's age. I don't think anyone my age is capable of becoming a criminal mastermind. There actually aren't any 'criminal masterminds' in their teen years in real life. Yes, there are druggy teens and vandalism teens, but there are not teens who break into high security banks. (Except Artemis Fowl hehe). The reason why Artemis can get away with being a pretty wonderful criminal is because of how darn CLEVER he is. Eon Colfer is genius. Eon Colfer takes serious time to convince the reader how plausible it is that Artemis Fowl is a genius.

Legend doesn't. It EXPECTS you to believe, without any work put into the nonexistent convincing. Legend is not clever. It's kind of bland, and Day's breaking into high-security places isn't believable like how Artemis is, it's instead cheesy. It wasn't portrayed realistically. He just somehow gets into some security-tight location, and then steals some stuff effortlessly (without any clever thought and explanations). It was annoying and corny. June and Day were just a little too magical and wonderful and splendid at what they did. There are limits.

Seventeen or eighteen would be a far more realistic selection, because fifteen is such an iffy age range. When one is fifteen, the romance is also pathetic. Everything feels like Romeo and Juliet. Two young teenagers think that they've fallen 'in love'. When they're older, the romance seems a lot more logical and a lot less R & J.


Let's all bow down to June, because she's oh-so-intelligent, and she's oh-so-athletic, and she's 0h-so-beautiful. **Rolls eyes.** Puuuuhleaze. Do you have any flaws, other then vanity and loving thou self, miss June?

Even worse, I feel that this is becoming an increased trend. Only self-confident heroines are allowed!! Seriously. Is there something wrong with having insecurities? I am positive that most teenager girls are insecure about their appearance in some way or other. All of these heroines who are blessed with unworldly beauty aren't helping. They are fully aware of their attractiveness. Which ticks me off. I know for a fact that girl's my age are not this secure. We fret constantly over whether or not we're good enough. And now YA seems to portray the message that "if you're not gorgeous, you're not going to have a boyfriend."

I believe that girls should be more concerned with their personality than with their physical appearance. It's the heart that ought to be attracting the perfect guy, right? If some dude is attracted to you because of your face and bod, I really don't think you should be with him in the first place.
I say all of this because the whole beauty factor is popping up a lot in YA novels, and though I know that it's reasonable because most teenage gals are concerned with this, I just don't think that it should be so heavily relied on for romance.
Okay, I'm finished with that rant.

Day is boring. He's very similar to June. In fact, he's like her replicated into a boy body. He's oh-so-intelligent, oh-so-athletic, and oh-so-attractive. Oh, and apparently he's a blonde and blue-eyed Mongolian/Caucasian. (But dominantly Mongolian). I've never heard of such a thing, but maybe it's just me. I don't know how a Mongolian person can have blonde hair and blue eyes and be mainly Mongolian... I'm pretty sure that genes don't work that way.

I liked Metias, since I adore that Older Brother complex. But he died. So I couldn't really love him for that long.

Thomas: Despite Thomas (view spoiler) I still really liked him. I liked him from the very first scene.

I'm not encouraging you to not read this, but if those pet peeves of mine are yours too, then I really don't recommend it.
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06/28/2012 page 1
0.0% "I've read, like, a paragraph and I'm afraid that I'm already judging.
Whoever came up with the "creative" idea of changing font color (Such as in Shiver/Linger/Forever).... Well, I really don't like them much. I personally believe that changing the font color to anything other than black is far too distracting and draws attention away from the actual story and more into the 'artistic' aspect of the interior design."
06/28/2012 page 2
1.0% "Gold? Really? GOLD?? Seriously, this is not helping me get into this book, and I already have a hard time with beginnings anyway.
And dual narratives.... **Sad face**"
07/03/2012 page 33
11.0% "Gold? Really? GOLD?? Seriously, this is not helping me get into this book, and I already have a hard time with beginnings anyway.
And dual narratives.... **Sad face**"
07/03/2012 page 67
22.0% "Only Artemis Fowl can be a fifteen year old All Wanted Criminal... -_-"
07/05/2012 page 95
31.0% "Fifteen year olds.... -_-"
07/06/2012 page 182
60.0% "'"Perhaps he found me attractive" [I said].'
Are you kidding me? How absolutely conceited does that sound? How about some YA girls with some insecurity, please! Because I seriously doubt that all girls know how absolutely beautiful they are - most girls I know my age really aren't secure at all."
07/06/2012 page 183
60.0% "Awww c'monnnnn. I liked Thomas! He's better than Day, anyway."
07/06/2012 page 184
60.0% "Another thing I absolutely hate about first person narratives between the lovers (or potential lover): Now, when a random other character attempts to kiss the girl, we all know that he isn't going to be the love interest.
First person removes the mystery."
07/06/2012 page 218
71.0% "
07/06/2012 page 222
73.0% "Commonnnnn..... I really like Thomas. He's, like, the only person I like. Not sure why, but I do. Everyone else could probably die, and I wouldn't care much. June is conceited and boring, Day is conceited and boring. The world building is boring (and lacking). The plot is boring.
I have very strong feelings towards this book.... and they aren't very good ones."
07/06/2012 page 305
100.0% "That was awful"

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