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The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Córdova
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Jun 15, 2012

liked it
bookshelves: adventure, fish-people, urban-fantasy-with-male-lead, worth-the-cash

This book was light and entertaining. Not deep reading by any means but after the parade of romance that seems to be choking YA, a decent journey of the hero was a welcome change. There's some plot holes, but nothing too unforgivable. The main character, Tristan, has some major flaws, especially in regards to women (he's a man-slut), but he makes attempts at improving and he's doesn't seem deliberately malicious about it. Fortunately female characters seem to be decently good at not letting him get away with things. They force him to grovel for forgiveness at several points in the story. It gives his character room to grow, anyway.

The first half the book can be summed up as: ZOMG I'm a merman! Mom, why did you have to be the girliest of all supernatural creatures?! Which then moves into: collect three magical items before the other champions do. Oh and there's monsters, so try not to get eaten. Fortunately Tristan, is rather well adjusted so we're spared the emo pouts and there's some pretty funny dialog.

The world building is interesting. I liked the fact that the coastal supernaturals paid tribute to the Sea King for protection and I get the feeling that the politics of the merfolk have just barely begun to be explored.

The big drawback to this book was the fact that there was no real resolution. The words: TO BE CONTINUED all but parade across the page. To be fair, Tristan does come to a personal resolution as far as his feelings towards the quest go. He's finally accepted the quest for himself rather than doing it because he has no choice in the matter.

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