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The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead
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Jun 15, 2012

really liked it
Read from February 14 to 16, 2013


Richelle tweeted that Marcus Finch is in his early 20's, and since he's mentioned in this blurb, perhaps he will serve as the other end of the Sydney-Adrian love triangle?
They added the tattoos! Interesting. Judging from his tattoo, I guess the guy on the left is Marcus Finch. Marcus is blond with blue eyes and suntanned features. So either that's someone else or it's a fail on the cover-makers' part.
The cover is out! It's very, uh... blue. Yeah honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the Bloodlines covers so far. I really do like the indigoness of it all, though. I wonder where Sydney's tattoo went. And I wonder who the guy on the left is o.O

So I finished The Golden Lily a few days ago and ever since then it has been CONSUMING MY MIND. After about four days, the result is this:

Predictions/theories for The Indigo Spell and future books~
-love triangle between Sydney, Adrian, and (?)
-Eddie and Angeline break up due to Eddie’s feelings for Jill. That or the love shape expands as yet another college guy takes interest in Jill
-I still have a feeling that either Kristin or Julia is going to get killed
-something crazzzy happens at/before Sonya Karp’s wedding. Maybe Sonya gets kidnapped or something happens with Mikhail or Jill gets kidnapped or maybe Sydney gets kidnapped and sent to a re-education center or something. OR maybe some Strigoi from Sonya’s Strigoi life crash the wedding! I’m betting the wedding is in TIS since Sonya said it was in December, and TGL ends in what is probably early November from what I’ve calculated
-Sydney gets sent to a re-education center at someplace in the series, maybe by Keith’s proposal
-if the book does take place in December, Eddie will be all sad at one point because that’s when Mason died :’(
-Tasha kidnaps Jill. I don’t know what is with me and kidnapping with these books, but I think it’s going to happen
-Sydney learns to use a gun :D And maybe she infuses some magic into the gun making a really awesome weapon that can temporarily blind people and stuff!
-Sydrian action
-Trey somehow betrays them to rejoin the vampire hunters
-Zoe or Carly pays a visit
-Stanton and the Alchemists want to move Sydney to some other position/mission, leaving Palm Springs and all her friends
-Marcus Finch is a part of this little renegade ex-Alchemist group where they all have indigo tattoos like Marcus’. INDIGO Spell. INDIGO tattoo…
-the whole modeling thing will mess up all this stuff

Random things very unlikely to happen, but would be cool if they did~
-Avery Lazar shows up
-Eddie and Angeline end up together
-Sydney eats a donut. A chocolate donut. With sprinkles. Chocolate sprinkles.
-Jill dates a guy under 18 or stays a strong, independent, single young woman

I have very high expectations for this book. I'm excited for Sonya's wedding. All of our characters from VA together with the Bloodlines gang in the same room. Let's hope it's a happy reunion. And I hope we get to see CHRISTIAN! February isn’t that far away. But I swear if the world ends before I get the chance to read it...

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Loza-Muse Quoted from authors post else where "First, this is an early version, so the tattooing hasn't been added yet. It'll come later, so don't worry--it's not some secret about the book. "

Darlene K thanks ;)

Loza-Muse Np! Happy to stop some of the freaking out... Just one less thing to worry about for now.. I just want to read the first chapter!

Darlene Yeah it sucks how that chapter only came with Walmart copies of TGL. I'm pretty sure Richelle will have it released on some website soon enough. For now, I guess you could go to Walmart and read it there lol.

Loza-Muse hahaha I know a site where someone might email it but I dont have an account *sigh*

Darlene Aw sorry


Darlene Lol yeah I can't wait til February.

Loza-Muse I hope the release date gets moved forward!

Darlene WAT, when did I rate this book 3 stars??? I haven't even read it yet...
*switches to 5 stars*

Loza-Muse hahaha, I've not rated it yet P: I'll rate it once I read it :3

Mahogany I cant wait for this

Darlene Same

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