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Night in the Haunted Tower by Tracey West
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Jun 15, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: anime-related
Read from July 26 to 27, 2012

Ash has no chance of beating Sabrina to get a badge without capturing a ghost Pokemon. So, it's off to The Haunted Tower in Lavender Town, after his first loss against her, to do so. But, it won't be as easy as he likes to think.

At The Haunted Tower, his companions (Brock and Misty), refuse to enter. So, it's only Ash and his Pokemon on this adventure. But, will he be able to catch a ghost Pokemon? Chances seem dismal at first, as the ghost Pokemon seem to only want to put on a comedy act, and Ash is not laughing. His failure to laugh cause them to be sad, but he still wants to battle them, so he calls on Pikachu to attack them.

During his battle with the ghost Pokemon, Ash has an experience he will never forget, an out-of-body experience! He looks down from the ceiling to see both his and Pikachu's bodies still lying there lifelessly. Although he is not ready to be a ghost, yet, he does come to realize that all the ghost Pokemon really want is just some companions to play around with. But, while Ash has no time to play around, he does realize that some silly people are being left there to play with them....Team Rocket!

When Ash and Pikachu come to, a Haunter is hanging around, as if begging to go with him on his journey. That's exactly what Ash needs, or so he thinks.

Ash returns to Sabrina's gym to do battle with her, but Haunter refuses to mind him, and does not come out when call. Only when Sabrina's father returns to the gym does Haunter come out to play. And, instead of going to Ash, Haunter goes over to Sabrina, and makes silly faces, causing her to laugh. Since Sabrina's Pokemon, Kadabra, is connected to her telepathically, it also starts laughing. The laughing Pokemon is then deemed unable to battle by Sabrina's father, and he awards Ash the badge.

Also, Sabrina comes to, from her laughing spell, and is normal again. She is no longer under the magic of her psychic powers, and is a loving little girl. So, everyone gets a happy ending in this book.

The mere mention of Sabrina makes me remember hours spent beating her on *Pokemon Puzzle League* on the N64, and makes me remember how her creepy voice saying *Play with me!* creeped me out back then. She's a character that you can both love AND hate at the SAME time.

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