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Taste by Kate Evangelista
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Jun 14, 2012

really liked it

Heather 4/5

When I started “Taste” I have to admit my first reaction was “Good only 350 pages” The plot line wasn’t really my cup of tea. After reading the first 20 pages my reaction was “Damn! Seriously only 350 pages!”. I wanted more. I wanted to know every little detail of the Zhamvy world, the history, the characters and so on.

The book automatically had me hooked. It kept me wanting to read “just one more chapter” at 12:00am.

The story is based on a young girl who has been sent to a boarding school by her father after the passing of her mother. One evening, she misses curfew and ends up discovering an entirely different race of beings, which she becomes a part of.

Of course in the last few years, bookstore shelves have been inundated with this genre, which I don’t think is a bad thing as it gets young people reading, and this story will do exactly that. That being said, the story is not overly unique, BUT that did not make it any less of an entertaining story.

The character development was great, and I found myself rooting for one character in particular. This seems to be another trend in novels, yeah I was team Jacob…team Peeta…and I’m sure the next novel I read were the heroin is loved by two different, yet equally gorgeous men…I’ll be cheering for the underdog.

All in all this was a fun and exciting read. Nothing overly deep, a story you could sit back in the sun with and escape to a world of romance, adventure, and sexy flesh eating creatures.

Christine 4/5

The action in Taste starts from page one and doesn’t let down until all is well in Zhamvy-town. Packed with excitement, mystery, supernatural hunks and danger, Taste has everything I love in a novel. Kate Evangelista brings the hidden realm beneath Barinkoff School to life with such skill I wouldn’t be surprised if it really existed…(and if it does, I’m getting a Zhamvy of my very own;) Likable, relatable characters and a keep-you-guessing plot make this well written novel a very Tasty treat.

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