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UnWholly by Neal Shusterman
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Jun 14, 2012

it was amazing


For those not into reading, once you started the first book, Unwind, you had no choice but run for this book. Although not many people have this book yet, being that the release date is still in the future, let me reassure you this book is better than the Avengers... Once reading this book you encounter new character that make your heart sing, and others you want to eliminate yourself.

Throughout this book you are sitting at the edge of your seat cheering for your team, but let me say this book will truly make you rethink today's society. I was honestly telling my mom about the things I was reading and she told me to put the book down, but its like wild fire. Reading through you have your people from book one that you love and want to know more about, but than you find more people. This book shows you a wider view to the world around not only the AWOL's but the people and cops around them...Not only is Conner in trouble, but Risa, the Graveyard, Hayden, and Lev are all standing up to the challenge that the book is 'unwinding' into. Nelson (evil cop from book one) is even given a role in this awesome book, we can find out how his life has changed. But we also worry about the stupidity that he could cause. After this we can see that not only is the mystery getting deeper, but that Conner might be the only one to unleash the truth for them.

My skin and mind is crawling waiting for the third book. This is going to blow up bigger than any other trilogy by far. I can't wait for that day!! :) Nothing can prepare you for what is in this book, my suggestion is to stop delaying and grab the book asap!!

Grab this book, and buckle down, because your in for a wild ride!
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Elizabeth You are such a dork. Lol.

Mary It's so true though lol awesome five star book!!!:)

Lauren I am so, so excited for book 3 I could hardly put down Unwind, and I started Unwholly immediately after! *SPOLIER* I fell in love with Cam and am ecstatic about reading more!

Mary Lol. Lauren, where did you hear about this series? I think that Cam is the last straw for Conner. I can't wait for either September or October for the third book either!! :)

Lauren Mary, I heard about Unwind from a friend at church, as well as Kristen Grelck, an English student teacher from last semester. She loaned me her copy of Unwholly. I loved both books!!

Mary That's awesome!! This is not as popular as other series, I was supper surprised when I seen your comment. I'm glade you liked it though, my favorite is still Risa and Conner. :) Cam I'm not to sure about just yet.

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