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What a Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn
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Jun 14, 2012

it was amazing
Read from June 14 to 15, 2012

What A Boy Needs is the companion book to What A Boy Wants, the first one followed Sebastian and this time it's his friend Jaden's turn to tell his story.

OMG! I loved this book! It made me cry, laugh, cry some more, and then end up in a really happy place!

I really liked Sebastian in What A Boy Wants but I loved Jaden more in What A Boy Needs! There were so many times during this book where I just wanted to reach in and give him a huuuuge hug.

The story starts with Jaden having to deal with Pris, the girl he loves but has never told, having a new boyfriend and it hurts like hell.

"It should be me sitting with Priscilla right now. My hand in her hair. My lips on her neck. I should be stealing food off her lunch plate ... I want to be with her ... I want her way more than I should, but I also realise it's a no go. She deserves way better."

He's then on the receiving end of a massive bombshell of news. Like life altering news. A brief spell in jail, after assaulting his mean, verbally abusive father, and a broken hand later and Jaden's a mess of self-doubting, insecurity and vulnerability, as well as homeless.

After hearing time and time again from his dad that he's a loser who's worthless Jaden believes that to be true.

"You're not worth it. You're not worth anything." His words hit home everything I already know ... It's not like he's telling me anything I haven't known forever.

My heart ached for Jaden and I hated his parents. His dad for verbally abusing him and treating him the way he did, and his mum for just letting it happen without a word to his dad to stop and to see that it wasn't right. Obviously Mr Sinclair's controlling ways had had an effect on her too, I can see that, but no matter what, if I was treated the same way she was I would NEVER let that happen to one of my children, just soo hard to understand how she didn't see who her loyalty was with.

Then along comes the road-trip he's been planning for ages with his 3 best friends, Sebastian, Aspen and Pris. They drive across the country to get to New York and it's one hell of a journey of self discovery for Jaden.

He shuts his friends out so that he can protect them for his worthless self. He cuts off and doesn't share anything that he's going through, which only makes his strained situation with Pris worse... until... he start's to open up to her, and when he does there's no stopping him!

You'll have to read what happens from there as I hate giving the ending away in reviews, really kills it for someone who's yet to read the book. All I will say is I highly recommend you read this book, I loved it and had to force myself to stop reading to go to sleep the evening I started it!

Nyrae Dawn has done a fantastic job at writing from Jaden's POV. You'd never guess it was a woman writing a boy character, and that to me shows how good she really is. I'm really looking forward to her future work, hopefully it will be soon!

Ps... She's also REALLY nice on twitter too so you should follow her here --> @NyraeDawn
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