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Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
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Jun 13, 2012

really liked it
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Julia's review of Touch Of Frost by Jennifer Estep

Judged By Cover: I Like the eyes....
Time Of Day: BFF's!
Head Over Heels: 8
Bonus Features: Murder, Gypsies, Mythology
Final Flavor: Pink Lemonade

Judged By Cover: I Like the eyes...
Okay, So I have this weird wish to have purple or violet colored eyes, I'm not entirely sure why but I think it would be pretty. So that's what really caught my eye about this cover (Aside from the fact that my friend Meghan told me about it) And the gargoyle in the corner. I love the Gothic castle style, I think it's really cool, so I have always loved gargoyles and cracked stone castles and things along that line. I Do not like the fact that there is a person on the cover. I wish it would have just had the shot of the castle (Which is probably Mythos Academy) instead of the girl who is probably portraying Gwen.

What's Up
Gwen is an outcast at Mythos, She is a Gypsy in a school of powerful warriors. Most of the kids at Mythos are descendants of Athens, Spartans, and other powerful families throughout mythology. Gwen has the ability to see the history of whatever object she touches, also known as psychometry. When a Student is murdered in the library and the Bowl of tears, A powerful mythical Item, goes missing, Gwen has no choice to get involved with the dangerous Mystery.

Time Of Day: BFF's!
So Gwen spends a lot of her time reading comic books and is usually seen wearing hoodies....She could be my sister. Now I may not read Comic Books, But I do read a lot of fiction and manga. I loved her personality also, She was laid back and a relate able teenager. She didn't automatically assume because she had powers that she was better than everyone, she really didn't know how to use her powers much at all really, and always went to her grandmother for help. She was really down to earth and would probably make it to my favorite main characters list. And we could be BFF's!

Head Over Heels: 8
Okay I really Liked Logan, He was like, The typical Bad Boy but he was sweet at the same time, He protected Gwen and was a freaking Awesome Spartan all at the same time! My only complaint is that the romance moved a teeny bit fast...But aside from that I loved it~

Bonus Features:

Ah, Murder! Gotta love it. I really like it when books have someone get killed and the main character has to figure out who killed them, it's just a nice touch of murder mystery.

I loved that Gwen was a Gypsy!! It was so cool, and I loved her power too. It was just really fun to read about.

If you read my posts regularly, Then You know I love Mythology in all forms. It's probably my favorite thing to read about.

Final Flavor: Pink Lemonade
I love pink lemonade almost as much as I loved reading this book! It was so filled with action, Suspense, Mystery and romance that I could not put it down, literally I sat and read this and wouldn't let anyone stop me until I finished it. I really loved all of the characters in this book, Major and Minor and how Their relationships with Gwen grew with the story line. It really was a great book and I recommend it to all of you Fantasy lovers!!! Happy summer guys!! Thanks for reading!!

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