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The Savage Grace by Bree Despain
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Jun 13, 2012

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bookshelves: young-adult, fantasy, paranormal, wolves

** spoiler alert ** i don't really know what to say about this. it was exponentially better than the dark divine and on par with the lost saint (though not nearly as dramatic. okay, i take that back. it was dramatic, but in a thoroughly different way). perhaps i'm just shell-shocked by the final battle and how everything panned out. the whole talbot situation was totally foreshadowed, but that didn't make it cut any less deep when it finally happened. and brent. *sob* he was my favorite lost boy. way to tear my heart out ms. despain. seriously.

kudos to ms. despain for bringing baby james back into the mix and for giving charity some sort of plotline this time around. the other family members always seemed so unnecessary before, but this time, even grace's mom had a plotline. i also loved the lost boys, all of them. second to brent in my book is slade; so mysteriously serious, with a sad back story that only made me like him all the more. my least fave character? april. she seems pretty useless actually. a close second is katie. why do the females in this series suck so badly? haha. and then there's jude. another heart-breaker but in a weird way. it was almost a relief that there will be no more struggle with him...i know, i'm terrible for saying that.

i'm glad that i took this journey with grace. she's grown so much through these books, discovering who she is and her place in this world. i'm so glad that she's not the annoying, naive, simplistic girl from the beginning of the trilogy. she's come into her own, as a 'mother' to the lost boys, as daniel's fiancee/mate, as a human/divine being.

gripe: the cover doesn't go with the other two...the lack of continuity is just distracting.

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