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The End of America by Naomi Wolf
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Jun 13, 2012

really liked it

The description of this book attracted me to it rather the title. It describes how dictators(majorly mussolini,hitler and stalin) of the past had managed to shut down open Democracies and how the BUSH administration (since this book is published in 2007) has enacted laws with the aim to bring about similar fate in America.

Personally I was more interested in the past dictators part as I wanted to know the same without having to do a lot of research. The book was pretty informative and visual at that. Read if you want to understand why Hitler attacked Jews. What I interpreted and I could be wrong as can anybody because there is no definite answer as to what actually went inside the head of Hitler behind all that propaganda is that "A common way to gain power is to spread fear and panic about an enemy (real or imaginary), stir up hatred and present yourself as the only person able to 'save' the country." Raad the book and you will understand that in order to gain unchallenged control of an open democracy you must have the people face a common enemy whether imaginary and steeped in propaganda or real. At the time 1920-1935(during Hitler's rise to power) antisemitism was already common in the society(research further if you want) Hitler merely used that hatred to find a common enemy to gain power. This was not actually stated in the book and not exactly what it dealt with but is my personal opinion based on the facts stated in the book.

As far as the Bush bashing goes most of the facts were pretty accurate regarding the Laws which have been enacted to subvert the rights given by the US constitution and present a scary picture if they are not repealed.

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