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Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn
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Jun 12, 2012

really liked it

Before I start my review, I must admit that I've not read any of the other books in this series. When the folks at TOR asked me to participate in the blog tour, I almost declined because I really don't like starting a series late in the game (and in this case, the tenth book), but the premise intrigued me, and for some reason I decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did (though my checking account is probably pissed at me because now I feel the need to go back and buy the other books so I can catch up on what I've missed.)

In this installment Kitty (I love her name -- more on why later) and friends head off to London for a meeting of paranormal folk where Kitty is set to be a keynote speaker. London is filled with paranormal peeps (werewolves, weretigers, vampires, ghosts...okay, you get the picture) who have come together to meet with others like themselves as well as other activists/supporters of their kind. As expected, there are also protestors, and a few rogue paranormal beings who will make Kitty's trip a memorable one.

I was surprised at how easily I was able to follow the story and the characters. While I could tell that there was a lot of history between them, I never felt lost as to who was who and what role they played. I did feel that there were probably plot points that would have had more of an impact had I actually read the other books, which was to be expected, but that will just make going back and reading the others that much more fun.

I found this to be a really fun read. Though I haven't read any of the Sookie Stackhouse books, I am a huge fan of "True Blood", and this book definitely had the same feel. I absolutely adore Kitty. I also love that she's a werewolf and her name is Kitty (yeah, I'm easily amused). She's tough, likable, and very relatable and I can't wait to find the time to go back and get to know her from the beginning of the series.

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