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The Third Gate by Lincoln Child
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Jun 12, 2012

really liked it

With a stunning series of monumental discoveries already on his glittering resume', internationally renown archaeologist Porter Stone aims his ambitions at unearthing the lost tomb of ancient Egypt's legendary god-king Narmer -- the pharaoh who in 3100 B.C. was the first ruler to unite upper and lower Egypt. Combining his characteristic meticulous attention to sparse historical detail with deployment of cutting-edge technologies and an army of well-paid specialists, Stone believes he has located Narmer's tomb in the brutal depths of the treacherous quasi-swampland called the Sudd, near Egypt's desolate southern border. But the closer Stone's team comes to the fabled crypt, the more the dig becomes besieged with strange and menacing mishaps, many of them insusceptible to other than paranormal explanations. With scores of lives and invaluable treasures at stake, Stone reaches out to Jeremy Logan, a Yale history professor whose reputation for researching the bizarre and paranormal has earned him the label of an "enigmalogist." By the time Logan joins Stone's team at the remote Sudd, fear and panic are palpable in Stone's floating headquarters, with jittery whispers about disembodied voices, hoary specters, and ancient curses murmuring throughout the beleaguered facility. As Stone locates and cautiously breaches the successive gates to Narmer's tomb, Logan wonders if the uncanny words of a mesmerized team member, a woman who is the survivor of the longest recorded near-death-experience, hold the key to stopping the deadly events plaguing the project before the excavation's doom turns inescapable.

Author Lincoln Child is unquestionably at the top of his game in "The Third Gate." This well-written, expertly-paced thriller is relentlessly intelligent and entertaining. Long-time Lincoln Child fans will be more than satisfied with this novel, and thriller fans who've not yet introduced themselves to Child's writing are in for a real treat. Very highly recommended. Read it.

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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Black I have to read this after your glowing review! My kind of book!!

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