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Pearl of Great Price by Joseph Smith Jr.
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Jun 11, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: mormonism
Recommended for: people that wish to be fleeced

I should really give this book Five Stars as it was amazing in that it proved without a doubt that Joseph Smith was not a real prophet and simply a product of his time. Comparing the Facsimiles in The Book of Abraham to undamaged Egyptian Books of Breathing prove that Smith simply created a story to fit the pictures he saw. No matter how hard Mormon apologists try to explain it as simply symbolic- it clearly is a fraud. The papyrus the Facsimiles were taken from date to A.D. 60 so it is highly spurious that they contained any story of Abraham to begin with, let alone one where he got to sit on the throne of Pharaoh. Smith simply drew in the gaps in the pictures by hand and his brain drew in the gaps of the story. Other story material shows the inherent racism of the early 19th century with content obsessing with black skin of humans as simply a product of God's curse on Cain and his descendants. This belief led Mormons to withhold priesthood and certain membership privileges to black people who joined. Things changed in 1978 when they faced external societal pressure in the U.S. on their tax exemption status and the desire to baptize many African-descended Brazilians to grow their ranks (and revenue).
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Lindsay Record Read the Pearl of Great Price as well as The book of Mormon. They WILL prove to you that Joesph is and was a true prophet called of God!

Randon Lindsay, I am sure you are a very sincere and good person like my friends and family who are still members. I was once like you in belief in the PoGP and the BoM. I once wanted to work as a teacher for the Church and in preparation I heavily studied the canon and the history of the Church. I wanted to get at the meat of it all, because if Mormonism was true then nothing I researched or read could destroy my belief in it in the fact that it was true.

Of course, the truth and proof of the falsehood of Mormonism was made clear to me and others who have done the research. I have learned that reality does not care what we want or or wish or hope to be true- for reality it simply is or it isn't. The reality is that Mormonism is not true. I know reading the texts and Church stuff makes you feel good, but it doesn't mean it is real.

Pertaining further to the PoGP (I will hold my Horses, Elephants and Chariots on the falsehoods in BoM at this time), I have studied Judaism and was originally astounded by similarities with the Book of Abraham and teachings of a some Midrashim. Then I discovered that Joseph Smith (and several of the leaders) took classes on Judaism taught by an professor named Joshua Sexias. Everything Jewish Joseph 'translated' came from those classes down to the Jewish names in the Facsimiles. Look into The Kirtland Papers where Joseph attempted to translate the Egyptian characters and his translation does not match what we know now thanks to the Rosetta Stone. Don't you find it odd that with all of the archeology that has taken place in Egypt, no one has ever found anything that matches even a scrap of the Book of Abraham? Not one little scrap has been found. They have found plenty of other Books of Breathings with mummies though as it is truly what the Book of Abraham was made up from.

You can stay blissful in your ignorance or you could find the truth out for yourself and do some research. A good place to start is MormonThink.com as they give both sides to the arguments.

P.S. They didn't dub people like me leaving the Church the "Google Apostasy" for nothing!

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