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My Brother’s Best Friend by Amy Sanderlin
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it was amazing
Read 2 times. Last read July 28, 2020.

If you love L.A. Pepper, Elizabeth Stevens, River Alder, or Katie Knight, you will love this book!

Hidden among the titles in my Kindle Unlimited library, I came across this sweet sexy read.

One thing I truly appreciate about Amy’s writing is how she tells the story. Where most authors would make this sex for the sake of sex, Amy hasn’t. The characters are vibrant and real. The relationship between Jessie and each person is unique and heartfelt. There’s history here, among everyone. Just little things that are woven in here and there about each of them and where they’ve gone in life before coming together, here at home, for the summer.

The first encounter happens by a spark that fanned into a wildfire, it was as passionate as it was unexpected, and as all-consuming as it was short-lived. But it’s the consequences of that encounter that give our leading lady pause.

Jessie truly loves her brother, hating how her love life has affected him, and the relationship he once had with a once-best friend, in the past. She doesn’t want to risk his pain again for the sake of her pleasure, and that is a surprising depth to find in a book of this quick-hit genre. I’m truly impressed by this author’s ability to sculpt this story so smoothly and richly.

There are author names we all know in the romance world—Dorothy Garlock, JoAnna Lindsey, DiAnna Steele. I’ve read multiple titles from each of them, novels well into the 90K+ word length, and I can tell you this: The way Amy weaves this story and brings the characters and conflict to life, bringing it from a low whisper to a rich roar before it decrescendos into the final notes, puts them to shame.

I honestly don’t think any of those authors has been able to capture the emotion and range quite like Amy has. This is a short story that is on par with L.A. Pepper.

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Reading Progress

July 27, 2020 – Started Reading
July 27, 2020 – Shelved
July 28, 2020 – Started Reading
July 28, 2020 –
1.0% "From the very first page, you jump in and can already feel the tension, and are introduced to a whispered tease of the history Braydon and Jessie have."
July 28, 2020 –
8.0% "This could go good or this could go really bad. Brayden is definitely the playful type, but Jessie’s memories of him from high school do not put him in a flattering light."
July 28, 2020 –
12.0% "She’s got a very sweet reunion with her dad, and you can tell how much he loves her. It sounds like she hasn’t been home in years. And now the dinner being seated between her brother, Steven, and his best friend, Braydon."
July 28, 2020 –
18.0% "The set up. The excuses. The visit."
July 28, 2020 –
29.0% "I love how alive these characters are and the subtle nuances of each relationship. Jessie and Braydon were caught up in the moment, their spark catching in a roaring firestorm. Because of how a past relationship affected her brother, and the relationship he lost with a once-close friend, all Jessie can do is think of the consequences. 1/2"
July 28, 2020 –
29.0% "She wants to be with Braydon again. Of that, there’s no doubt. But she won’t risk her brotherly pain for the sake of her please, and that’s commendable. It is also where the conflict lies. And the other question she has to be asking herself is—Is she more than just a fling? Was their encounter more to him than just years of sexual tension being released after the wardrobe malfunction in the pool? Can 2/3"
July 28, 2020 –
29.0% "she risk it to find out? 3/3"
July 28, 2020 –
38.0% "That was unexpectedly sweet of Braydon. And I think it helped Jessie get over Toby just a little more. As for Kayla, I wonder if she wasn’t the one Toby was seeing in secret."
July 28, 2020 –
49.0% "I absolutely love the depth of the relationships and emotions we get to see here, both between Jessie and Braydon, and the later between Jessie and her mother. Healing from a break up is hard enough, but healing from a betrayal of a cheating partner is worse. You question everything, every moment, until you drive yourself crazy with the ‘whys’ and what’s-ifs’."
July 28, 2020 –
59.0% "She was so confused about her own emotions and worried about her brother’s, but in the end it was Steven who both, badgered the truth from Braydon and gave his blessing to their relationship. That beautiful moment between Jessie and Braydon as they simply lay in bed together, both fully clothed, and just hold each other as they talk—I loved that."
July 28, 2020 –
69.0% "She’s healing, and together, they’re trying for it all. I love that he took her fishing just like when they were kids."
July 28, 2020 –
79.0% "Braydon is good for her. He gives her the confidence she needs to be true to herself, and that’s a beautiful thing."
July 28, 2020 –
89.0% "Jessie is finding her feet again and dealing with those who hurt her in the most honest way possible and I applaud her for that."
July 28, 2020 –
99.0% "When you’ve been friends and known each other as long as Jessie and Braydon have, it’s almost more of an easy mock-marriage instead of a dating relationship. You know each other intimately and then, you finally get to know each other carnally as well. Such a perfect ending."
July 28, 2020 – Finished Reading
July 28, 2020 – Finished Reading

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