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Deadly Game by Christine Feehan
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Jun 10, 2012

really liked it
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Read from June 10 to 11, 2012

Sigh. I love to be pleasantly surprised. After reading Conspiracy Game I didn’t think I’d enjoy Ken’s story as much as I did. But I was wrong. Spoliers ahead everyone, read at thy own risk.

Ken is definitely the grittier, more haunted twin. He’s suffered more because he was brutally tortured and has scars literally crisscrossing his entire body. He’s physically ruined that way. Everything works, but his scars are the kind that make people stare and then look away in horror. I really felt bad that he had to endure that kind of attention and pity from others. It makes you ache for him. And on top of that, he’s convinced he’s like his father. Jack was convinced of that too, but Ken’s conviction seems to run a lot deeper, is connected far more with fear. In this book, the brothers switch places. We always thought Jack was the hard up stone cold killer, the loner. And he is. But in this book we discover Ken is twice what Jack is. It’s really scary to think about. But he’s also the more soulful in my opinion. He refuses to let Mari go, he has this overpowering need to control the situation, to command Mari in order to keep her safe, in order to function because her safety is paramount to him. And sometimes it made me really mad because it really was over the top and kind of narcissistic. But as we get to know Ken better, we realize what Mari knew all along: he’s not so bad. I think I can forgive his badass personality because in the end he finds the strength to do the one thing he was certain he could never ever do, and that’s letting go of Mari. When she leaves him, it breaks him wide open and he wants her back badly. He’s even chasing her, wanting to drag her back to him but he decides that he can’t do that to her and that he won’t. He loves her enough for it to be her choice and that moment, when he’s made the choice to let her leave and he’s crying with the loss of not only her, but his ruined body and face, that moment is very telling of who Ken really is. And he’s not the asshole he sometimes comes across as.

So Ken made this is a great read. Mari was also super cool. She’s kick ass, trained to be a solider, fierce, protective of the women she was raised with, loving and every bit as much as control freak about Ken’s safety as he is about hers. They are soo perfect together. No one else would be willing to put up with either of them. Her courage and determination screamed girl power all through this book. The way she dealt with Whitney was brilliant too.

Yes, we get to see the evil Dr. Whitney in this book. The man is scum. He’s the bacteria that grows on scum. He’s the stuff the eats the bacteria that grows on scum. He’s sick, sick, sick. I hate this character. I really wish Ken had killed him. Well, what do we learn about the evil conspiracy in this novel that actually has scenes with Dr. Evil? Not much I’m afraid. We already knew he had a sick breeding program going on. We already knew he was nuts. We already knew these experiments were sanctioned and funded by someone. We don’t find out who. We do find out that one of the women, Violet is semi cooperating/involved, and is willing to go along with this nightmare because she wants to keep her sicko husband alive. I ain’t liking her, and I ain’t trusting her. She smells like trouble. We do discover that Whitney is starting to slip off the edge of sanity (no shit!) and that he is planning something big and twisted (oh really? Very astute of the GhostWalkers to figure that out). More importantly, we find out he has some psychic ability himself. So we glean some tidbits, but nothing super significant. Very frustrating.

I have to say, I’m starting to get uncomfortable with the fact that all these couples have been paired, almost chemically matched/programmed to one another. It didn’t seem so huge an issue in the last three books, but now that it’s so blatant and out there that it’s not just some coincidence that their psychic powers draw them together and match them up so perfectly, it’s kinda creepy. I think it’s supposed to be, but I’m finding it’s kinda a buzz kill on the romance part of it. I mean, I love Ken and Mari together, and ultimately it is their choice to be together, just like it was with Jack and Briony. I guess it just feels like we already know that they will overcome everything to be together because being apart doesn’t just seem like it’s really an option. And that makes me wonder how real it is, their love for each other. I think it’s creepy not only because it seems like a lot of the choice has been taken away (although I notice that all of these couples seem to rise above the programming and put their partner first, not letting the chemistry or whatever really overrule them) but also because I’m a little afraid where Feehan is going with this paired coupling thing she’s got going on. What end does Whitney have in mind? Did he do that just to get superbabies? Now that he’s realized the women don’t have to be paired, that only the men do and he’s playing around with so much extra genetic code, what the heck is next? Yeah, lot of questions. Anyway, that creep factor, I rose above it while reading, focusing more on Ken and Mari then the weirdness, but it was there and that’s why I’m taking one star off of this read. Romance, every paranormal romance, should not be marred by creep factor when it comes to our couple.

Four glittering stars

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