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Final Flight of the Ranegr by Craig Stephen Cooper
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Final Flight of the Ranegr Review
First off, this book was a hail storm of emotion and adventure. There wasn’t a moments rest after the initial introduction to our candid team of protagonists, and I enjoyed much of what this story offered.
This book is one of the most creative tales I’ve ever read, the beginning to a series I believe could grow to be its own being, akin to Star Wars, but with a definitive and strong flair towards characters with huge depth and a love for the small details that make it stand out all on its own.
The plot was great, one second I’m on a spaceship, the next, well… It was epic! The main themes of strength in teams, sticking together and striving to live, instead of playing for the future were prevalent in every character’s actions’. The conflicts that arose and the areas we were taken to were amazing, if not a little lacking in description and I really became one with the people, as their struggles were so realistic. The author created a language, and while at first I thought this would be a hindrance, it quickly became a prevalent piece of the story and served use in some of the greatest story scenes I’ve EVER had the pleasure of reading. The language barriers between the aliens and the main cast were real and I loved the interactions and character growth that became present as the story grew.
The story was really long! Which was weird, considering the size of the book, and though I think it definitely could have been split down the middle in terms of where it could have ended, I tip my hat to the author for delivering a thorough story. The other plot driven issue was tiny, but that the story seemed to jump around a bit, a casualty to the volume of knowledge you’ll gain through reading it. This became less of an issue as the story developed though, because I became more engrossed in the tale and was wrapped with attention.
The language used in this book was exceptional. The author gave each character a voice, I especially loved the characters of Neliya and Fyuren, these two protagonists took up the majority of my love with their witty and thoughtful lines and Neliya has the greatest development I’ve ever seen a character go through in the length of 1 book.
That said, there were a few mistakes littered throughout the book, the main bits that detracted from this fun were the ample amount of alliterations (just like that) that became more and more prevalent as the story went. The other thing was that there was some times a lack of description to bigger details, such as the planet and ship sizes. The image at the front of the book even, has a hard to describe size and yet in the book it seems that the Ranegr is a huge ship, at points. (I’m not a space ship engineer though, so you’d have to ask Fyuren)
The characters in the Final flight of the Ranegr are so deep! They’re realistic, with real goals, real interactions and a sensational amount of sass and strength. Each voice was their own, and their weaknesses became strengths as they forged through a rough universe that threatened to crush them in the vacuum of space! I was engrossed in their thoughts and feelings and without revealing spoilers, I loved the last third of the book most of all, hands down. Their trials and tribulations grew and they had to grow to meet them, and the resolution of the book was the most moving I’ve ever read. ALSO a special note goes to the antagonist and the rival they fight as well as the end, because these bits were literally the best fights I’ve seen in sci-fi/magic/real stories. It was so realistic and yet still held me in the stories suspension of disbelief.

Final thoughts;
I think this book is very special in its creative detail and I can’t wait to read the next book! When I look up to the stars tonight, I think I might just see the Ranegr, flying above me. Though it is long, the story is well worth the time it took me to read it, and the invention of a language and thorough characters really brought the story to life, so much so that the quick changes and minor mistakes were far overcast in the light of the brilliance of the story.
A must read for anyone new or experienced in the realm of Sci-fi/adventure stories! I will be reading it again, just to experience some of the magic again.

Notes on how my star setting works;
1 Star - creativity
2 - Plot
3 - Characters!!!
4 - My overall enjoyment of the story
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