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Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Jun 09, 2012

really liked it
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Quick & Dirty: A teenager that has a price on his head for the powers he has yet to master. Full of fighting, both with demons and his mother; and I think that Nick would rather go up against demons any day than the petite woman that’s raising him.

Opening Sentence: If banging your head against a brick wall burned a hundred and fifty calories as hour as they said it did, then Nick should be emaciated.

The Review:

Let’s pretend for a moment. Let’s say that you only read adult paranormal books. You come across a series about Dark-Hunters and the demons they face. Say that you adore it and can’t read them fast enough. But something about one of the character’s, Nick Gautier’s, story leaves you sad. What would have happened if the circumstances had been different, if Nick knew about all the paranormal stuff as a kid? Could he have changed his future and gotten a happily-ever-after just like the rest of characters? The Chronicles of Nick has been exploring that very question. In the third installment, Infamous, Nick finally understands what is at stake and he tries to come to terms with it. The prevalent theme that is explored in this book is whether evil is learned or inherited; and whether or not a person can change their destiny by will alone.

Nick is just a teenager. He now has his very own bedroom (not a blanket separating his space from a larger room), a good job, and his very first girlfriend. For a boy his age, that would be enough to keep him busy. For Nick though, he gets the additional pressure of being a demon destined to kill everyone he loves and destroy the world. To help prevent this from happening, Ambrose (that he now knows is his future self) tells him that he must master his innate powers before it’s too late and he no longer has any empathy left for humanity. Oh and, by the way, every demon out there is going to try to kill you so that they can absorb your powers for themselves. Talk about problems. Nick must find a way to survive, learn the lessons from his tutor, Death, do his job with Kyrian, keep his friend’s safe from other demons and each other, keep up on his homework, all while keeping his mother happy in her ignorance. And here I thought that my life was complicated.

This book is all about self-doubt. Nick has been told he is going to be the ultimate evil, but can’t wrap his head around it. He questions whether or not his father’s blood will overrule his innate goodness. He questions whether or not it is worth fighting if, in the end, he will become what everyone thinks he will be anyway. Does our situation, our choices, truly affect the outcome of our lives? Or are we what we were meant to be, no matter what? Nick has been ridiculed his whole life based on his poverty without it knocking him down; is this new development any different? Can he rise above other people’s expectations and do what he feels is right?

Even the student’s at Nick’s school are being plagued with self-doubt and destruction. Someone is posting on the internet all of the student’s secrets, both true and fabricated. This is causing mass anger and hysteria, with students and friends turning on one another. Some individual students are so distraught over the rumors that they contemplate suicide, including one that’s close to Nick. Is this the work of a demon or is it ole fashion human cruelty? Can Nick and his friends find out who is behind it before it’s too late?

This book also explores the relationship between Nick and both of his parents. We learn about how such a kind soul like Cherise ends up together with someone as evil and black-hearted as Adarian. Could someone like Adarian, a Malachai, even be capable of feeling an emotion like love? If he can’t, than does Nick have a chance to? Nick is concerned with what he can and can’t do, because of his legacy, and not with his own free will. If he is so hung up on blood and the traits inherited, what does he think about his mother and her contribution? It is something that every teenager thinks about, except with Nick, it is a little more extreme. All of us have worried if we will turn out just like our parents or if we can be different from them. We all have contemplated the effects of our parents on our adult lives. Are we different from our parents or the same; better or worse?

I am very satisfied with this book and the events that transpire. Nick is engaging enough as a character to keep me waiting on pins and needles for the next installment. I am cheering you on, Nick! You can do it!

Notable Scene:

Nick launched himself at the man and latched on to him with everything he had. Grunting, the man tried to flip him off his back, then he slammed Nick against the wall, trapping Nick between his steroid enhanced form and the brick. Ted used his body to slam Nick there repeatedly. Nick tightened his hold around the Ted’s neck, trying to find the carotid and cut off his blood flow there like Bubba had shown him.

You don’t gotta be strong, Nick. A little bit of pressure in the right place and you can own anyone.

Still, the man did everything he could to get Nick off him.

“That’s right. Uh-huh. Uh-huh,” Nick said arrogantly. “You might know karate, boy, but I know gorilla, and I’m a level-forty champion in it. Let’s hear it for Diddy Kong! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew!” He mimicked the sound of a gorilla as he held on for dear life.

The Chronicles of Nick Series:

1. Infinity

2. Invincible

3. Infamous

FTC Advisory: St. Martin’s Griffin provided me with a copy of Infamous. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review. The only payment received came in the form of hugs and kisses from my little boys.

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