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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
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really liked it
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I listened to the audio version read by Wil Wheaton, which I really enjoyed (although it's rather amusing when the narrator of the book is name checked in the text, which does happen once). The geeky persona I associate with Wheaton made him the perfect "voice" for this book.

At first, as the bleak futuristic world of Ready Player One was almost over-explained, I thought I mightn't be able to get into the story - I prefer being dumped into a world and having to figure out stuff for myself. But as the quest that takes up the majority of the book rapidly got underway, I became completely caught up in the story, which continues to be very exposition ridden, but in a sort of unabashed way that made it rather endearing. The whole narrative is filled with the 80s pop culture trivia stuff that forms a large part of the quest - and to be honest, a lot of it went over my head.

Ready Player One is very plot driven, a quest game put into novel form, and a love song to geek pursuits and 80s pop culture. If the idea of any of that bores you, then it's probably not the book for you. I really enjoyed its fast paced rush, and the idealistic way in which honourable play always wins out.

I was a bit disappointed by (view spoiler)

I thought there was a very noticeable lack of women characters - particularly where the way women are representated and portrayed in gaming culture is so often being discussed - (view spoiler)

Ready Player One was a really enjoyable book and I got really into the quest - but it is a certain type of book, and if an exposition-heavy paean to gaming and 80s culture sounds dreadful to you, it's probably not your sort of thing.

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