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Blood & Tacos #1 by Johnny Shaw
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Jun 09, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: adventure, crime-fiction, humorous-fiction, short-story-collections
Read in July, 2012

I never read any of the "men's adventure" books this series pays homage to, though I spent many happy childhood hours sneaking into my parents' bedroom to read my dad's issues of "True Crime" and "True Detective" magazine, hidden not-so-very-carefully in his nightstand.
Every cover featured a scantily clad woman being held at gunpoint by a bad guy (or in some cases, the good guy.) The characters talked tough.
The stories were violent, and most likely as true as a letter to Penthouse.
I can't really recall anything else about the outlandish tales, as I had to keep both ears open for the sound of my parent's car in the gravel driveway.

The stories in Blood & Tacos are pure, unadulterated fun. Men are men and women are buxom and barely dressed.

There's Chignon, the World's Deadliest Mexican. Just how deadly is he?

“Many have been curious about Chingón’s deadliness, gringo,” Chingón said, “Most of them are muerto. Dead and buried. Because I killed them. Killed them until they were dead. Dead and buried.”

And the Albino Wino, whose motto should read - "Be Prepared":

There was a small minibar bottle of cheap rum he kept against his genitals in times of true emergency. And as true emergency was undeniably now, he pulled it free from its hiding place and drained half of it.

Nor does the Wino ever forget the awesome power of his own uniquely musky brand of rugged albinism.

Snerk! That one still cracks me up!

You can buy these great tales of brawn and man-musk SUPER CHEAP for your e-book, or read them here:

I recommend reading them at the office. Constantly looking over your shoulder for the approaching bossman will only add to the illicit thrill of these stories.

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message 1: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Keeten So no Playboys in the middle of Dad's True Detective and True Crime magazines? haha I just downloaded this to my Kindle. This is perfect for sneaking a peek at during work hours on my PC. I'll look like I'm diligently reading an article on strategic direct mail campaigns, but only you and I will know what I'm really reading. wahaha

Melki Nope, no Playboys for Dad, though he did have a nice collection of Sex to Sexty magazine, which featured dirty jokes and racy cartoons.

message 3: by Tfitoby (new)

Tfitoby well that speaks volumes about your membership of the pulp fiction group. come for the review, stick around for the childhood psychoanalysis.

message 4: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm Smith Any references to Mack Bolan?

Melki I don't think so...but I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy them.
They're the perfect antidote to all that "Shopaholic" stuff you read.

James Thane I really liked these stories a lot too. I have a great coffee table book that consists of reprints of the covers of "True Crime," "True Detective," and other such magazines. They're exactly as you describe them Melki, and I'm sure that the cover art was a lot better than most of the stories...

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