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Specials by Scott Westerfeld
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Jul 24, 2007

really liked it
bookshelves: youngadult
Recommended for: sci fi fans and those who have read the previous two books in the trilogy
Read in July, 2007

If you have read Uglies and Pretties by Scott Westerfeld, then you must read Specials - the last book in the trilogy. If for nothing else, to find out what happens to the main character, Tally.

That is one thing that bothered me with the other two books - the ends were not good for Tally. I wanted something good to happen to her.

Well, perhaps Specials doesn't necessarily end in a "good" way for Tally, but all the loose ends are wrapped up and I was left somewhat satisfied, instead of dismayed.

There was quite a holds list for the book, so I decided to listen to the book on CD instead. Now, I do not know if this has colored my perception of the book or not, but I must say that it wasn't until disc 5 (out of 9) that I stopped feeling like I wanted to chuck the CDs out the window and give up on the story. It was like the Tally-wa and Shay-la Show" and not exactly that exciting. I wanted some more interaction with the other characters!

And... Shay's voice was annoying - actually, all but Tally's voice was annoying. Nails-on-the-chalkboard annoying. I would guess that authors have some sort of say regarding the way their books sound on CD/Tape (maybe not?!) so perhaps Westerfeld wanted his characters to sound like wicked old men or evil dumb dudes. Who knows. But I'll tell ya, the voices got on my nerves. And not only mine... my 12 year old niece was with us in the car for about one CD and she expressed her feelings as only a pre-teen could: Aunt Cassie! Turn that off! Oh my God, is that suppose to be a guy? What are they doing? EWWWWWWWW" I had to set the speakers to the front of the vehicle only.

So read the book, you won't be disappointed, but I'd recommend avoiding the Book-on-CD.

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