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Wonder Woman, Volume 1 by Brian Azzarello
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Jun 08, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** I have mixed feelings about the Wonder Woman reboot. On the good side,the writing is some of best since Greg Rucka's run, and most of the best aspects of Diana's personality are still intact. The story has a much darker feel to it than previously, which actually works really well, and the Greek gods are depicted much closer to how they are in actual Greek mythology, with all the pettiness and bickering. On the less good side, Diana's Amazonian roots get shortchanged once again: instead of a group of enlightened amazons granted immortality by the gods, after facing hardships at the hands of men, and living in peace on their island, the amazons have been reduced to a war-like tribe of barbarians who seduce sailors in order to have children and then abandon all the boys. To be fair, the new depiction of the amazons is more in line with the actual mythology, and makes sense when you look at the way the gods are being depicted. I can't help but feel that something has been lost (this all may just be a product of nostalgia on my part). And instead of being carved out of clay and given life by the gods, Diana is instead the product of Hippolyta's affair with Zeus (also in line with actual mythology. Zeus just can't keep his pants on for long). All of the nobility and uniqueness of Wonder Woman's origins that made her special has been destroyed. This wasn't completely unexpected as, for some reason I can't figure out, DC has been trying to separate Wonder Woman from her amazon roots ever since Infinite Crisis, which is when the title really started to crash and burn.
Despite the aspects of this reboot that bother me, there are still quite a few things that I enjoy, and I will continue on with the title because I really do like the darker tone. I miss the Wonder Woman that I grew up with, and that one will always be my favorite, but I'm looking forward to seeing where this new direction goes. It really is one the better titles in the New 52, better than Justice League in my opinion.

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