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Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
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Okay, so, I'm impressed. Sweetly lives up to it's cover and the rave reviews of Sister's Red. It's not just a retelling of Hansel and Gretel; it's more like what would happen if the original Hansel and Gretel had gone way, way wrong, and now the surviving siblings are living in the aftermath. The retelling was enough like the original for me to have a sense of where things were going, but differed enough that it kept me guessing. (Which is my problem with most retellings; too easy to guess what will happen next.)

Also, this book deserves a star for Sophia and her chocolatier shop alone. (view spoiler) I loved her conflicted character and the eerie events surrounding her. Also, oh my goodness, the candy. I was half tempted to make some of those. (Sugared peaches? Chocolate covered potato chips? Nom.)

Anyway. For being the bridge in this retelling trilogy, it was darn good. I'm unsure if I would have liked it so much if I read Sister's Red first--the wolves, for example, may have been spoiled. But I loved the ocean girls- lead in to book 3. So I'm looking forward to reading it and Sister's Red asap.

4.5 stars.


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