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Loki by Mike Vasich
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Jun 07, 2012

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bookshelves: let-me-love-you, must-read


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June 7, 2012 – Shelved
June 7, 2012 – Shelved as: let-me-love-you
June 7, 2012 – Shelved as: must-read
July 1, 2012 – Started Reading
July 1, 2012 –
10.0% " [image error]\n \n This gonna be good."
July 1, 2012 –
10.0% "He knew that he was viewed suspiciously. He heard the furious whisperings, often enough not even concealed, and even the complaints to Odin's own ear. He could feel their looks of contempt, their disgust for him. And why? Because he dared to contemplate a solution rather than instantly loose his blade from sheath? Because he did not live up to their vision of what an Asgardian should be?\n -Loki"
July 2, 2012 –
17.0% "Ok, Mike, women were treated as almost equals back then. :/ \n Other then then that annoyance, I really like the book."
July 2, 2012 –
22.0% " You are one and the same.\n He [Loki] was staggered with the consequences of what this meant. His entire life — millennia of time spent on Asgard— was false. He was no more one of the Aesir than the mason was, and the thought sickened him, even while he accepted it as the truth."
July 2, 2012 –
26.0% "All the awesome quotes I wanna share have too many characters. Curse you status updates!"
July 2, 2012 –
32.0% "He [Loki] did not like Odin's tone, but knew there was no other choice than to do the High One's bidding. He would trust to Odin's wisdom, although he could not help feeling a foreboding at the task he was given."
July 2, 2012 –
40.0% " Fangirl gif Pictures, Images and Photos"
July 4, 2012 –
75.0% "Hmm.. a bit confused."
July 4, 2012 –
75.0% "Hmm.. a bit confused."
July 4, 2012 –
75.0% "Hmm.. a bit confused."
July 5, 2012 –
85.0% "Poor Fenrir and Jormungand..."
July 20, 2012 –
85.0% "“I am the Allfather, the High One, the Hanged God. I am the Lord of the Gallows, One Eye, the Master of Poetry. I am the Feeder of Ravens and Wolves, He Who Sits Above, the Gray Traveler. I am Eternal Wisdom and the Bringer of Death, the Lord of the Valkyries and the Einherjar. I am father to your greatest enemy, the World Shaker, the Thunderer, the Giant Slayer.”"
July 20, 2012 –
90.0% "The gods, powerful though they were, would not be able to withstand all the forces aligned against them. Soon he would stroll through the blood-soaked fields of Asgard, noting the dead and dying Aesir around him, and his revenge would be complete.\n -Loki"
July 26, 2012 – Finished Reading

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message 1: by Zuleeza (new)

Zuleeza Aaah!!! I must read this soon solely because of Tom Hiddleston XD

Lisbeth Avery {Domus Libri} Zuleeza wrote: "Aaah!!! I must read this soon solely because of Tom Hiddleston XD"

Totally. Tom is the only reason I'm watching Avengers (they usually mess everything up)! Loki is on kindle lending library, if you have it.

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