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Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley
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Jun 07, 2012

really liked it
Read from July 31 to August 05, 2012

*****4 Stars*****

“Your grandmother used to say that you were two souls separated in heaven. She mainly meant you were both trouble and deserved each other.” - Duke

First off I just wanna say I have recently realized a) I kinda don't like doing reviews the formal way and b) I don't really have to because it's not like I am getting paid to do them.

So here motivations are purely selfish to recruit fellow readers into the wonderful world that lives in Kristen Ashley's head. Then once they are hooked too we can gab and share all about our favorite books, quotes, fiercest heroine and HOTTEST guy (of course)!

I have read several of Kristen's books over the last few months and nothing less than 4 Stars for me I always find myself completely lost in the book and at the end I am either emotionally drained, seriously swooning (usually the case) or laughing my ass off... but I am ALWAYS wanting more!! I have to say after saving this series up I am happy to say her "Signature Series" debut installment didn't disappoint. It TOTALLY ROCKED!!!

Lee is a serious Macho Alpha Hottie and Indy is a kick ass fun adventurous Rock Chick. No spoilers from me as it contains all of the above ... and then some ;)


PS Thanks to AJ for corupting me totally by suggesting KA reads and the other friends that read them before me and kept giving me the *nudge* :)
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Quotes JenJenBoBin Liked

Kristen Ashley
“Your grandmother used to say that you were two souls separated in heaven. She mainly meant you were both trouble and deserved each other.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick

Kristen Ashley
“Jeez, we haven’t even slept together and already you don’t trust me.”
“I’ve known you all your life not to mention the fact that my idiot sister is in the next room and when you two get together it’s like Laurel and Hardy do Denver.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick
tags: indy, lee

Kristen Ashley
“So, now you’re getting shot at, you’re gonna leave me?”
“Girlie, I’m from Texas. We shoot at each other to say good morning.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick

Kristen Ashley
“Lee, you’re gonna have to get over this jealous-possessiveness thing.”
“Indy, you’re gonna have to get used to the fact that I’m the jealous-possessive type.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick
tags: indy, lee

Kristen Ashley
“You want to marry me?”
“No. I’m gonna marry you.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick
tags: indy, lee

Kristen Ashley
“Maybe we should have this conversation in an alternate universe where Alternate Indy gives a shit what Alternate Lee wants her to wear.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick
tags: indy

Kristen Ashley
“Fucking hell, India Savage wants hearts and flowers.”
I went up on my forearm. Hearts and flowers! As if! I was a Rock Chick!
“I do not!” I snapped.
He was grinning at me. “Yes you do.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick
tags: indy, lee

Reading Progress

7.0% "“I don’t have that kind of money.” “You aren’t gonna pay me in cash.”

How did I know that would be the answer? *purrrrr*" 5 comments
19.0% "“Are you gonna answer that?” I asked against his lips, his arms were going around me, pulling me to him. “Fuck no.”

Good boy!"
23.0% "Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t been to any of your parties. Rosie says your parties rock. He says you have cashews and everything. I’ve never been to a party with cashews.”

34.0% "“Girlie, he is fine. He’s fine times twelve. He’s the new definition of fine.”

Love Tod!"
49.0% "Hmm K...nearly 1/2 way through a KA and no smex? What gives?"
66.0% "“I’m in a dangerous business and I have enemies. You’re in my life now. I have to let it be known that if anyone fucks with you, there will be consequences.”

*Swooooooon* Why do all the chicks always seem to be scared of this type of talk? Would you want your man do to anything less? Not me! :)) Go Lee!" 2 comments
72.0% "“Don’t think in the crazy-ass soap opera that is my life that I’ve forgotten about you. Or you,”

LMAO! Indy kinda reminds me of Cat (Night Huntress) only without the fangs. I think she would fit in great with that crew perhaps even settle Ian down some! lol"
80.0% "Cherry looked at Ally then at me and I noticed two of her Barbie-esque girlfriends behind her, Brunette Barbie and African-American Barbie.

Now that is some funny shiz right there!! LMAO"
81.0% "I <3 Tex! I don't know what will happen to him yet but he needs a HEA!" 1 comment
84.0% "“I can’t figure it out now. I’m too stressed. I may be pregnant. I think I need to go out and buy vitamins or something.”

ROTFLMAO!!! I love Indy too! <3" 1 comment
90.0% ""Question, what did you do when you got exactly what you always wanted? Answer, you went shopping with your best friend then got ice cream."

Makes me miss my BFF .. waaaaaaaaah!"
100.0% "Then his mouth came to mine and I could still feel his smile against my lips. “You love me,” he said there.

Awww and they lived HEA!! <3 NO Epilogue though WTH?"

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message 1: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ Woohoo Jennifer! You won't regret it!!!

JenJenBoBin I heard it was good then read a few friends reviews totally convinced me I need to read it :)

message 3: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ I'm sure you love it! I just finished a re-read and loved it even more the second time around.

JenJenBoBin Well when I read what it was about I sorta didn't think it would be something i'd be interested in but I have been urged to give it a chance :) I am really liking the Restorer that I am reading now... can't seem to put it down. Its not too deep just deep enough to keep me turning the pages :)

message 5: by AJ (last edited Jun 07, 2012 07:55AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ The Rock Chick books are great fun. They are funny, they have action, they have smoking hot romance, and parts of it will make you laugh out loud, oh... and there's a great cast of characters. They're amazing!

Good to see that you are enjoying The Restorer. It looks really interesting!

Elishia Naughty your not meant to be reading yet

JenJenBoBin I'm not just getting it lined up ... I just bought it :)

Elishia lol ok I'll let you off then :-)

JenJenBoBin I think I am getting a migraine so I don't know if I will be reading tomorrow or not. Ugh see that's what happens when I clean ... I swear I am allergic!

Elishia I've been getting them a lot lately and its always when I want to finish a book.

message 11: by Nina (new) - rated it 5 stars


message 12: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ Woohoo!! Welcome to Rock Chick world! It's pure awesomeness!

JenJenBoBin AJ wrote: "Woohoo!! Welcome to Rock Chick world! It's pure awesomeness!"

You will be pleased to note as soon as I hit 100% i went straight to and bought book #2 :) I have had several people offer to send me her books and I REALLLLLLLLY appreciate it but I WANT to give her my meager earnings as a self published author she deserves it. The little guy remember ;)

message 14: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ I totally get that! And her books are so cheap, it's stupid not to buy them. And seriously, KA deserves to have people throwing money at her!

Blacky *Romance Addict* Great review Jennifer! I love KA, this was an awsome series!! Oh can't wait till you get to Vance and Luke, boy oh boy they are HOT!

message 16: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ Hehehe, I just finished a Luke reread. Pure hotness!!!

And Jennifer - I love to corrupt! ;)

Karen Did you have to mention Luke, you know how I feel about him!!! Now I'm going to need another shower!

message 18: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ You and me both! (not together though, obviously). God he's awesome!

JenJenBoBin Poor Luke was in the hospital but he's out of critical and on the road to recovery as I type this ;) LOL

message 20: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ I don't think you see him again until book 3. And his book is number 5. He's definitely worth the wait though! But in the meantime, enjoy Eddie!

JenJenBoBin Eddie needs his ass whipped pulling that crap with Indy ... Lee needs to pound him again to remind him why she is his ... duh!

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