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The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy
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Jun 07, 2012

it was amazing
Read from July 01 to 03, 2012

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Awesome book! So much stuff happens in this one and there's a clear improvement with everything since Playing With Fire. I probably still enjoyed the first the most, but this was almost up to the standard of that, definitely with the more action-packed plot than with in book 2. I can't wait to see what happens in book 4, Dark Days.

Characters - 4.5/5 - I really enjoyed the characters as usual, and this book definitely gave them even even more development, making it easy to feel like you knew them personally and were friends with them. There was such a clear idea from Derek Landy about how he wanted the characters to be, and how exactly they were going to develop throughout their adventures in the book. Definitely as it's a series you grow with the characters throughout as they age, and there's quite a clear change in how the characters are now compared to in the first book. Valkyrie's changed, for certain. And I loved her as a character, such an epic character and what she's doing is amazing. She learns so much from Skulduggery too, and he's also an epic character with all his dark thoughts and secrets. The villains are great, too, and I loved how this one was based more around The Faceless Ones, hence the name. I just loved finding out more about them as I didn't know loads before. Definitely a lot of intrigue!

Plot - 4.5/5 - In the plot section, there's definitely an improvement since the second book and this one had the spark I was looking for! It started off straight away and grabbed you into the action and adventures, and all the battles and everything just got going from there and it was amazing to read about; so interesting and exciting for me as a reader. I really enjoyed how the plot was also easy to follow and then at the end we're left with a cliffhanger which just makes me want to read the fourth book straight away. I can't wait to read it, maybe in September/October and find out what happens. I have so many books planned for summer that I'll probably have to wait a bit. I really want to know how things are going to turn out and Dark Days sounds absolutely incredible, and from what I've heard, it is. I won't tell you what the cliffhanger is, but read it and you'll find out...

Writing - 4.5/5 - Derek Landy isn't technically the best writer, though I really enjoy his style. There are honestly quite a few improvements that could be made, and he does use a lot of basic, simple sentences, but this isn't necessarily bad! It helps you as the reader to easily follow everything and take everything in and it's just so fun and enjoyable. I never found that anything dragged on, either, which is what some writers fall into the trap of doing - rambling on and on about one point and then leaving some others out. In this case, it was definitely a consistent style throughout, and a good use of simplicity for the majority of it, though at times I wanted to have a slight bit more description with odd things, but here I'm just nitpicking. It's enjoyable, and that's the main thing!!

Enjoyment - 4.5/5 - It most definitely had that little extra spark that I was looking for in Playing With Fire, and I love to see an improvement in books. I loved adventuring throughout with the main two characters of Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant, and I really loved how it was also a really quick, easy, and fun read - definitely what I was looking for after previously reading a not-so-good book. These books are simply a joy to read and I can't wait to continue with the others - it's such a great, exciting series with so much intrigue that you're hooked throughout.

Overall - 4.5/5 - It's a solid rating and certainly deserves the 4.5. I love books that are like this because they're not technically brilliant, yet they're so entertaining to read and I enjoy them so much. The characters are built up nicely, the plot runs smoothly and has great pacing, and the simplicity of the writing works well. I'm definitely recommending this to anyone who's wanting to read a book about awesome skeleton detectives, and magic that's just out of the ordinary! It's a series that you must check out; you'll love it, I can assure you!

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35.0% "I'm loving this so far; a really great read! Can't wait to continue adventuring with Valkyrie and Skulduggery!!"
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68.0% "Getting through this really fast - the writing style is so easy to read! I'm loving it and should finish it tomorrow. Can't wait to see what happens; it's really intriguing!"

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