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James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing by G. Norman Lippert
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Jun 06, 2012

really liked it

I've read fan fiction before. I've been drawn in by a good first paragraph and then repulsed by some of the most horrific, revisionist claptrap you've ever seen. I've had pleasant tales about beloved characters turn into deeply disturbing and often sexually explicit nonsense.

This book is not like that.

Mr Lippert deserves every bit of praise he has received as the result of this work. It is an extraordinary achievement. I kept reading, thinking that at any minute the world being described would suddenly veer away from Ms Rowling's; that the writing would degrade to the point where I ceased to be interested anymore and I'd put it away, vaguely ashamed that I'd even started reading it in the first place. That never happened. There are bumps in the road, sure. The phraseology is not quite right in some places, and there's an American-ness that's palpable, just below the surface, but the plot is gripping, the characters are relatable and engaging, and everything hangs together pretty bloody well. While I note that the book has been edited, I feel that a further edit would smooth off everything I was dissatisfied with. Indeed, there were times I felt I could have reached for a red pen and done it myself, so superficial were they. Frankly a single search-and-replace to take the inexplicable "grandmum" and turn it into a word that any human being has ever called their grandmother would probably suffice for the most part.

So, yes, four stars from a possible five for a work that is available free and gratis, by an author I had not previously heard of, but who I am certain I will look up in future. Fix "Grandmum" and it'll be five, Mr Lippert.
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