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Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram
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Jun 06, 2012

really liked it

I really enjoyed Serial Hottie. I was kind of nervous about the serial killer aspect because I was afraid this would end up being some sort of Nancy Drew thing were the main character turns into an investigator overnight, and saves the day. But that wasn’t the case, and for that, I’m grateful. I think Oram balanced the romance well with the dangers surrounding Ellie. It wasn’t such a focus of the story that it was overwhelming, but it also wasn’t done in a way that was too fluffy. It wasn’t entirely predictable, either. I didn’t have it figured out until well into the story, and even then, I wasn’t convinced that I had it figured out.

I feel like such a hypocrite right now, and that feeling is justified.

I loved Seth. I shouldn’t have. Everything he did is everything I hate in male characters. He wasn’t the ideal love interest by any stretch, with his temper and control issues. I’ve ripped other books apart for characters like Seth. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason, I didn’t feel that way about him. He had his issues but I found myself feeling sorry for him more often than anything. I think the thing that made it tolerable was the way Ellie handled it. She didn’t tolerate it, and she was smart enough to be put off by it. Does that excuse his actions? No. But she fought back and I loved that about her. In fact, I’m not sure which of them I loved more. The characters in this book were enough to make me an Oram fan, and I will look forward to whatever else she releases. Especially if it’s contemporary YA romance!

In the end, I still didn’t think Seth was stable enough to have any business dating, but I still can’t help but love him. This book had me reading well into the night and eager to pick it back up in the morning. It was adorable and a lot of fun, I’d recommend it!
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Wendy Darling I am reading this right now because of you! Already a lot of fun.

Amanda (Good Choice Reading) Wendy Darling wrote: "I am reading this right now because of you! Already a lot of fun."

I hope you enjoy it! This is one of those that was so fun, but I knew deep down there were things that I would normally hate. Yet, I didn't. It was an interesting experience! Lol.

Wendy Darling Hah, I'm experiencing the same thing. It's super fun to read, though thematically there are things that are bothersome if you think about it. But I don't want to think about anything too hard today, so this is...perfect. ;)

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