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Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jun 06, 2012

really liked it

Having met Daemon and Kat in Obsidian, Jennifer L. Armentrout takes us a step back in time to meet Dawson.

It didn't take me long to figure out that although Daemon and Dawson share a physical appearance and moral ideals, when it comes to personalities they could not be more different! Daemon's alien machoness and attitude was matched by Dawson's kindness and easy going take on life. Being so alike and yet so different, I kept getting mini flash backs and little pangs of nostalgia for Obsidian.

Beth on the other hand was somewhat similar to Kat. A little shy and quiet, but not unwilling to put people back in their place if pushed to the right point, she reminded me a lot of Kat and I quite liked her.

It would appear that despite personality differences both twins have similar tastes in women. Timid, beautiful and with the capability to not take any rubbish from them!

Unlike Daemon and Kat who fight over everything and most of all, the obviously strong attraction between them; Dawson and Beth embrace it enjoying every moment of it. This only adds to the long list of differences/similarities that Jennifer L. Armentrout seems decided upon constructing. I have to admit I love how both couples are so completely different and yet when you break them down to the basics they are so similar. Reading about one, which reminded me of the other, had me giggling quite a lot.

I loved how through a retrospective story Jennifer L. Armentrout gave us new twists and clues as to what may happen next. How what happened before Obsidian will affect what is yet to come to pass in Onyx, was a clever move and I am now very very curious as to what happens next!

Despite being the same author and obviously a retrospective continuation of the same story and series, I detected an ever so subtle change in style. Whilst Obsidian was full of blunt hunour and rather charged moments between the characters, Shadows was softer, kinder, gentler almost wanting to underline the difference in character relationship focus. This said, the commonalities between them was the same. Both had strong family, loyalty, pride and a fight to survive themes.

Beautifully paced with something always happening, before I knew it I had reached the end and it most certainly left me wanting more.
When I finished reading Obsidian I thought I had an idea of where this series may be leading to. But now that I have read Shadows, Jennifer L. Armentrout has thrown me off a bit and I'm no longer sure where things are going; but I will most certainly following it to find out! Now I just have to patiently wait (I will struggle with both the patiently and waiting bit) for Onyx to come out!

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