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The Snowman by Jo Nesbø
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Jun 06, 2012

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Since I've been devouring the Hole series (it's a pun, get it? Get it?!), and since The Redeemer was so incredibly good, I was eager to get started on The Snowman - especially because it had been reviewed so highly.

Well, as a critic once said, don't trust a critic.

I feel like Nesbo's editor called to say, "listen guy, Headhunters was recently made into a movie and I totes bet that they want to make one for Hole. The other books might be hard to translate onto screen, so let's plan this next one to become a movie."

The book reads like a screenplay - it doesn't incorporate any of the mysterious finesse that Nesbo is renowned for, and because the events that unfold are so dramatic, the author fails to use the elements that I personally love in his other novels.

For fear of spoiling anything, let me just say that the revelation of the serial killer in this book was shocking. You really didn't see it coming at all; however, like many of the other plot twists that makes Nesbo so outstandingly fascinating, all of these are anti-climatic. Not to say that the entire book was boring, but it definitely wasn't a read that encouraged me to finish within 24 hours.

Which brings me to my next point, the books are hard to begin. Even though this is book #5 (7 in the entire series, but the first 2 are not translated yet), I still had to slowly crawl my way through the first few chapters because Nesbo allows the plot to be dense. However, it also took me 5 books to realize why: the development of the plot mirrors an actual investigation, and even more so, it mirrors the way everyone else understands Harry. It's hard to see past the exterior in order to eyeball the developments and (as Harry so bluntly puts it) to scout what you are actually looking for. Harry is a hard-nosed cop with a lot of misgivings, I'd easily attribute those characteristics to the opening of the previous Hole books I've read.

With that in mind, I must say that my interest in the book didn't pique until nearly 2/3s through - Part 4 or 5; then I had a hard time putting it down.

Also, please Publishing Company, publish the first two novels in English. It is painfully obvious how much the last two books relied on Harry's activities in Australia. As far as I know, I already know it all thanks to the many revelations.

Can't wait to read The Leopard!

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