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The Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda
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Jun 06, 2012

liked it
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I don’t know why it took me so long to pick this book up again. I had left it at around 8th chapter where I got a hint of how predictable it was going to be and then real life intervened and since then I had been putting it off.

I finally finished it in one sitting. I must say that the female protagonist Billi, who is only a 15-year old girl and a “going-to-be” Templar, who are people that protect the world from evil, was quite brave. She felt real, she had her issues but when time called for it, she made smart decisions; she wasn’t one of those, “oh-I-should-sacrifice-myself-for-the-greater-good” kind of heroine. She was slow and predictable but I liked her.

The story has an okay plot and the pacing was good. The only thing that bothered me all throughout was the predictability. Just when Kay got in touch with the mirror and made contact with the ethereal realm did Mike enter into the story. I guess it was kinda normal that Billi didn’t suspect him initially, since he saved her ass; but what should definitely have bothered her, was his lingering around and his sudden interest in her. Maybe she was too vulnerable to notice and was desperate to find a way out?

Other than that, the whole Arthur acting like a crap father only cause of a prophecy made by a delusional kid was just plain stupid. How the hell did they know, that the “she” Kay was talking about was Billi? Okay, there was no other female in the Templar other than her and Elaine, but COME ON!

Hm. So where else was it predictable? Michael not dying even when Arthur cut his head off? Kay being the prophecy dude to be slaughtered by Billi? Kay giving away his soul for Billi’s sake? Honestly, it was like a chic-flick where you know what was gonna happen next, but you still watch it till the end just cause you wanna prove yourself right.

I know I’ve only been pointing out the bad, but I still liked this book. I liked the action, I liked how the story proceeded, and I liked the concept of ghouls and the Watchers being trapped in mirror and Lucifer coming out to help kill Michael. All in all it was a 3-stars for me.

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