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Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh
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Jun 05, 2012

it was amazing
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5+++ shining shimmering stars

I just want to turn off my phone, light some candles, and cuddle with this book for a while. A long while.

I love you, Nalini Singh. Other people might profess the same thing, but right at this moment, I love you more than all of those other people combined. All because you gave me Liliana and Micah. There are no faults to this book. Sure, some time in the future I might see some things that could have been better or I'd adore the heroine or the hero less, but I don't think that's going to happen.

Lord of the Abyss is the fourth and final book of the Royal House of Shadows series. I tried reading the series in order, but there’s just something about the first book written by Gena Showalter that made me want to grab the nearest sharp object and start poking my eyes out. And since the reason I started the series was to get to the Nalini Singh book, I decided what the hell and just proceeded to the fourth one. For those who are wondering, yes you can very well skip to the last and still know what the fuck was going on. The books are pretty stand alone since the history is explained in the first chapter of each book.

The last book in the series is about the youngest son of the deceased King and Queen of Elden, a powerful kingdom taken over by an evil sorcerer. The children survived the attack but were scattered in other kingdoms. The youngest, Micah, became the Lord of the Abyss, a sort of guardian who functions as a grim reaper kind of guy for evil souls. He has no idea who his parents are or what his destiny is supposed to be (take their kingdom back with his siblings) and that’s where Liliana comes in. She’s the only child of the Blood Sorcerer, the guy responsible for all the shit that’s happened to Elden. She’s not a huge fan of her dad, being that she’s been bullied and tortured since she was young, so her mission is to jog Micah’s memories and help him get back to Elden in time to meet his siblings and save the kingdom.

Lord of the Abyss is a shout out to Beauty and the Beast only with Beauty not really possessing the necessary physical characteristics to qualify as a beauty. Liliana has her father's face (hook nose, small eyes) and walks in a kind of a limp due to one of her legs being longer than the other. Her only redeeming physical quality is her dark honey skin. These should have been a huge turn off, but Liliana is also strong willed, intelligent, and resourceful. Brave too, even when she's scared shitless, girl has courage in spades. It was at first difficult to imagine this short ugly heroine holding the romantic interest of our deliciously gorgeous hero, but her physical faults failed to matter as the story progresses. In fact, you fall in love with her not despite of but due to – in my case – those faults. They’re what made her stronger and braver, after all. And it’s so refreshing to actually meet a heroine who’s not just plain or with imagined faults (because clumsiness is sooo unattractive) but with real issues – abusive father, absentee mother, being an ugly duckling, having evil sorcerer blood running through your veins. It’s a testament to how strong she is that she’s still confident and sensible and hasn’t melted into a puddle of self pity.

I spent the entire book alternately wanting to marry Liliana and giving her a hug.

And the hero, dude, the hero. Micah is a sexually competent virgin. This sexy slice of hotness hadn’t done the deed, but when he did it, boy pages started to smolder. He’s dreamy and strong and powerful, but he’s also kind and thoughtful and not at all a conceited self-involved dick his looks should have made him. This is not saying he doesn’t have an arrogant bone in his body ‘cause no one gets to be called Lord of the Abyss and be a humble wallpaper. His arrogance is adorable however. The sort of arrogance that’s not mean or spiteful but justified and candid. And his straightforward approach to almost everything is so sexy and sweet at the same time. There’s no pussyfooting or coy double entendre with this one. Micah will tell you straight out what he wants, in bed or out of it, without being crude or disrespectful. That makes him in a class all his own.

The supporting characters are also as fascinating as Liliana and Micah. Bard is the strong silent type and I can listen to Jissa talk all day.

The ending might have been a bit abrupt for some readers especially those who have read the series in order, but I think it would have been a bit of a hassle for a reunion chapter since this is Singh’s book alone. Notice that – while Micah’s siblings made an appearance in the final battle – they didn’t get to have any lines. I think it’s because that would have made at least one chapter a collaborative effort between all the other writers in the series (Singh couldn't possibly shove lines to those that were not her own characters after all) and it was inconvenient either for all the writers to do a sit-down (offline or on) and give Singh the lines needed to make a reunion scene or Singh to share credits for a book that – if a reunion chapter should be included – 95% her own. I’ve no problem with the lack since I skipped the other books and hated – hated – the first one and not looking forward to reading anything Nicolai and Jane have to say.

So, yeah. Best book of the series, and quite possibly best book from Nalini Singh. If you're into strong hot guys (who isn't?) and heroines who are smart, relatable, and kick-ass, you definitely should grab this one. Me, I'm rereading this one soon as I finish cuddling with it.
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37.0% ""I will permit you to cry four times a year. And you will do it when I am here."

Oh Micah, you sexy, clueless, arrogant man wrapped in adorableness. Gimme a hug."
42.0% "There will be a new lord." Anger continued to glitter in the eyes become winter-green once more. "There will never be another Liliana."

Oh my god, Micah. Just take my heart already. Here. No, I insist. *swoon*"
100.0% "Sorry, Micah. I have to take my heart back. It's Liliana's now.

God, there were so many things to love in this book, I didn't want it to end. Review when I feel calmer."

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