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The Wedding Date by Elizabeth Young
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Jun 05, 2012

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If you want something, you go out and make it happen.
- Paul
He really is a bit much first thing in the morning. I've told Mum often enough he should have been drowned at birth, but she just says, 'I know, dear, but at least I cut his tail off.'
- Alix
Make sure he knows desperation is not in your vocabulary—you're just incredibly choosy.
- Alix
I've had a pig of a day and I've got my own problems. Real ones.Like cellulite. And bloody great Visa bills.
- Sophie
In my limited experience, weddings are the worst sources of stress known to man. They cause divorces, if you ask me.
- Josh
I'd just realized that no flames were about to whoosh up from remaining embers.
- Sophy
If you spin brazen lies you should be brazen enough to carry them through.
- Josh
And if anybody doesn't like it, stuff them.
- Josh
How can you stand against half a dozen bulldozers?
- Sophy
You bulldoze back! Harder!
- Josh
It was so typical of men. Right after making you livid enough to want to punch them, they turned all kind and thoughtful and made you feel bad.
- Sophy
Why torment yourself by becoming addicted to something that would be history in under twenty-four hours?
- Sophy
Beans once spilled are impossible to get back in the can.
- Josh

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