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The Secret History of the American Empire by John Perkins
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message 1: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Whenever somebody promises 'THE Truth', I immediately begin poking around and opening new lines of inquiry.

I've come to the conclusion that people who blame corruption and conspiracies for all the ills of the world have a greater fear: that the processes and structures we use to try to regulate our societies may not be controllable at ALL.

I think of a story in which a man repeatedly complains that the prison system is 'corrupt', while at the same time USING the (very real) corruption to his own advantage. He seems to be assuming that a 'fair and just' prison system would not be as harmful. But the basic concept of prisons is that they will bully people in order (it's argued) to force those people to comply with societal expectations. Such a system is INHERENTLY abusive. 'Corruption' can have very little impact; and some of it may even be ameliorative.

Too often, I fear that that is 'the' (small t) truth. Anything else is window dressing, designed to reconcile people to being abused.

message 2: by Thom (new) - added it

Thom Dunn And moreover, many "journalists" are simply jumping aboard an "Ain't It Awful" train. I suspect that's the case here.

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