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Closed Hearts by Susan Kaye Quinn
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really liked it

Ever since I finished reading Open Minds I have been itching to read Closed Hearts. The world of mindreadering and mindjacking is an intriguing and compelling place that continues to call to me. From reading Open Minds I go into this novel with an understanding of Kira’s personality and drive. When the people she loves start being used against her Kira starts to comply to the demands of those who would use her. Will she be strong enough to get them all out alive?

I would never survive in this world. I really don’t know how Kira does it! In a world of mind readers a mind controller shouldn’t be to abnormal or a cause for fear, but they are. Since I last left, Kira she has gone into hiding working as a mindguard for a prestigious client while avoiding everyone who would want to kill her. Until an old enemy kidnaps her and her boyfriend. Now she must test her abilities to their limits and find a way to save them all…

This book was not a let down from Open Minds in any way. Kira has changed a little from her time in hiding but her spark is still there and paves the way for many unique encounters. The thing I really admire about Kira in Closed Hearts it that, with the exception of those she loves, she doesn’t allow anyone to manipulate her. Pointed comments, glares, pleas to sympathy, she has a reaction to them internally but she doesn’t let that put her loved ones in harms way. She is fiercely loyal and I would love for her to be my friend.

I was very glad to see Raf again in Closed Hearts, if only for a little while. Raf has always had a special place in my heart for how he acted when Kira was a Zero. His compassionate ways make him easy to love and connectable. I have always thought Raf was in a awkward position, it would be easy to use him against Kira, so I’m not really surprised that he was… but I still didn’t like seeing it happen!

One thing that I think Quinn did REALLY well was make the transition between mindreaders to mindjackers seem believable. It was mentioned several times in Open Mind that the evolution of “normal” humans minds into mindreaders was a slow and hate filled process… and going from mindreading to mindjacking is no different. Quinn really captures well our human instinct to fear what we don’t know, as well as portray those who are accepting and stand up for those who are different. Seeing how peoples minds work, no pun intended, in situations like this really ties me to the story. The only thing that really bothered me was all the diversity in Mindjacking gifts that was revealed. Not that that’s a bad thing to have in the book, but it was overwhelming and hard to keep straight in my mind.

The Cover:

I was very confused with why the girl had a huge tattoo climbing up the side of her face, because no one I knew of had one… but within the first few pages it was explained and made sense. I LOVE the blue swirls in the top left corner and along the bottom… and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I see a DNA strand in the design work on the bottom… FANTASTIC COVER!!

I give Closed Hearts 4.5 out of 5 hearts: Very Highly Recommended!
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