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Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann
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Jun 04, 2012

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The plotting in these books always seems pretty preposterous -- but I suppose that's more or less the norm for action-adventure. In this book, I kept imagining all the arrests and lawsuits that would be going on if it were real life. Yeowza, everyone would be in jail or lose their life savings. And the moralizing throughout the series can really be heavy-handed at times. Surprisingly to me (given the genre), it's very liberal moralizing -- about things like race, gender, and sexual orientation. I don't mind the morals, but it does seem unusual to me for a romance-adventure writer to be so dedicated to emphasizing them throughout an entire series this way. It's that vast and insidious left-wing conspiracy at work, I suppose.

It's also interesting to me that every book in the series seems to have a subplot related to WWII. I don't know why Brockmann would do that, but I've found each one of these subplots to be nearly as interesting as the main plot lines. In a previous book, for instance, one of these plots concerned the formation of the real-life 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, the "Ghost Army" (a group of US soldiers with experience in theatre and/or engineering who created life-like fake battlefields and inflatable tanks and such, to confuse the enemy); another involved Denmark's defense of its Jewish population during the Nazi occupation; and in this volume, readers learn about the Tuskegee Airmen and the WASPs (women pilots used in support roles). See, fiction can be educational. ;)

I would never recommend any of the books in this series as serious literature....but, for popcorn reads, they're not all bad. They are never boring, even if occasionally the over-the-top action or romance or characterization requires a bit of tolerant eye-rolling.
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