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Jun 04, 2012

it was amazing
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(4.5 stars)

After reading Storm, I couldn't help think how badly I wanted the next book already. So it was pretty funny and shocking to find this on Negalley. I didn't expect to read these books back to back, so to say I was pretty excited would be a huge understatement.

When I first read the blurb for Spark, I was eager to dive in to Gabriel's story since he seemed the most conflicted of the brothers, plus his power is fire so ya know it's gonna be good. But I was also slightly disappointed since I wanted to see Chris and Becca's relationship play out through their point of views since we barley got to see it in Storm. Becca and Hunter, we got plenty of, which was a good thing, but Chris and Becca? Not so much which was a crying shame since I was rooting for him just as hard. I would have liked to see their story continue for at least one more book, but at last, this is Gabriel's story, so, moving on....

Spark is a fiery and fierce sequel to the Elemental series. I'm not gonna lie, Gabriel is a hard character to like at times. He obviously has a lot of unresolved issues when it comes to his powers. He feels powerful and powerless at the same time. He's a runner and blames himself for almost everything. He has a really crappy attitude, he needed to calm the hell down throughout most of the book and the things he says and does were pretty cringe worthy stuff. In my experience with reading books, I find it easy to fall for the rebel, the bad guy, the underdog, but Gabriel makes the reader really work for it. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, in fact that's what I like the most about Gabriel and his brothers. They have these kick-ass powers, something supernatural, but they're still very much human. With human emotions and issues and baggage. They get their ass handed to them in spades and they even have to fight to get the girl. I can't tell you how refreshing these qualities are in characters I thought would be predictable from the start. So my point is, even though Gabriel is a very hard character to like, it's also pretty dame hard not to like him. These Merrick boys are frustrating as hell, but they all have such huge hearts and when push comes to shove they have each others backs and figure it all out together, even if it'll take the entire freaken series.

I didn't have a chance to gush about these characters when I reviewed Storm since I basically geeked-out that I got to read the sequel two seconds after the first book, so I feel the need to say something about these delicious boys.
~Chris, I liked from the start. He's the youngest of the boys and doesn't quite have a hold of his powes yet, but you wouldn't know it. I love how he could pull strength from a storm and how his powers seem to enhance his personality, actually, that would have to go for all the brothers, a very genius move to incorporate elements that size up these characters personalities so amazingly well. I loved him in the first book. His emotions were so raw and real. I actually missed him in this book.
~Gabriel and Nick are twins. Gabriel is harsh and intense while Nick is the more grounded and kind. I love twin-connections. How you can feel so close to your sibling you wouldn't know how to breath without the other. I hated when they fought since I think they are stronger when together.
~Michael is the eldest and guardian since their parents death. The weight of responsibly is very visible and it takes it's toll. There is a big difference between being a father figure and being a big brother. Instead of getting to encourage recklessness and having fun, that a big brother has a right to dish out, he has to be the one to make sure these guys stay safe, which is hard since they always have someone looking for one wrong move. I didn't like Michael at first, but he really grew on me and now I actually respect him.
~Hunter was the easiest to swoon over. It only took the first words out of his mouth to know we were gonna get a long just fine. I liked his friendship with Gabriel in this one. I'm really looking forward to reading his novella and novel next. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long.
~Layne was a little hard to like at first. I liked Becca from the start, but Layne just has so much dame walls around her. Her defense is up so high I'm amazed that Gabriel could climb it. But as the story moves on you could tell that Gabriel and Layne were a perfect match. They balance each other out, challenge each other to be real and have a connection that know one could understand. It's a complex relationship sure, but it feels right. Plus, they also have some really intense sparks (pun intended) that made this even more fun to gush over.
~The only problem I had with this story was regards to Simon. I'm sorry, but what kind of asshat picks and tortures a deaf kid? I really hated those moments and wanted the prick that was doing it to just die already.
So wrong, on so many levels.

I love the writing. Seriously, Brigid Kemmerer made this experience so effortless. It was like one of those love at first reads kinda thing. Instantaneously invested with each and everyone of these characters and the story line. It's fresh and exciting and a total blast to read.
Love, love love!

Bottom line. This is my new favorite thing. I love the banter and brawls. I love that closeness that these brother share and I love watching them fall hard for girls that are the total opposite of themselves. I love that not once did I read the words "I love you". Everything was natural and exciting and simply fascinating. I can't get enough of this series and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.

An absolutely all consuming series from start to finish!!

(Arc provided by Netgalley and Kensington publishing)
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Eunice Oh my! Thanks for the heads up, Tina! *runs off to Netgalley*

~Tina~ Go Go Go! lol

message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim Awesome review sweety, thanks for sparking my interest :)

~Tina~ Thanks babe! I hope you enjoy the first book:)

~Tina~ Good luck my friend and I hope you also like the first book:)

Annie hey, just wondering but how long did it take for your request to be approved? Becaz i am like DYING and compulsively checking my email for a reply...lol my sanity is SO gone...

~Tina~ I was instantly approved o.o
I sorry, I'm sure it wont take long:)

~Tina~ There's a link on Brigid Kemmerer blog, try using that one, maybe you'll get approved faster:)

Annie instantly approved you say? hmmmm. how did you manage that feat? and the link on her blog says access is denied because the publisher hasn't approved it yet.

~Tina~ I'm not sure actually, it just happens like that sometimes. Darn =( I'm sure it'll get approved soon.

message 11: by Mayomi (new)

Mayomi Great review Tina.

~Tina~ Thanks hun!:)

Annie I got approved! So happy :) just finished it. And I get what u mean about the downside of arcs, now we have to wait forever until Spirit :(

~Tina~ Congrats! I'm so glad you enjoyed it:) Yeah, it's a bummer we have to wait so long for Spirit ~frowns~

Annie Yeah but it'll be about Hunter!!!!!!! I didn't like Calla, did u? If they fall in love in Spirit, I'm gonaa be sad

~Tina~ I like Hunter so it should be fun:) No no, I did not like Calla lol, plus, I think she's suppose to be the bad guy here? I think...
I think Hunter falls for someone named Clare in Spirit. Should be really fun:)

Annie Yay! I seriously thought he liked Becca tho...

~Tina~ (view spoiler)

message 19: by Amber (new) - added it

Amber Awesome review, Teeny!This sounds good :)

~Tina~ Thanks babe! I really loved this one. Need to buy a copy:D

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