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Stay with Me by Paul Griffin
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Jun 04, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: 11th-grade-advisory

Stay with me is such a wonderful book because the plot isn't perfect. It's a realistic story that highlights the struggles teenagers go through. Cece is 15 and she's the ideal student; she's sensitive with straight A's. Mack, the boy she falls in love with is on the other end of the spectrum. He's a high school drop out, basically a "no-good" in the eyes of society. Out of all odds, they find each other and fall in love. They were brought together by rescuing a dog (which is so cute) and soon they begin to share their lives. They talk about their secrets, experiences, and everything else that comes to mind. Stay with me is a very real book, it doesn't come with a sugar coated version of what we all want.
What makes me adore this book is the fact that I can actually see it happening. Being a high school student, we date, simple as that. And sometimes, we don't always date a person that is in our little clique or "group". Sometimes we wander and that's the most wonderful thing there is. Finding someone else that's so different from you, that's how you balance each other out. Then you're able to see everything from a different perspective and understand what life is like for the other person. After all, you'll never really understand someone's situation until you actually see it for yourself. I love how people from two different worlds meet and come to a mutual understanding in this book. This doesn't happen often in real life but when it does, it's wonderful. The straight A student doesn't have to even glance at the high school drop out and the high school drop out could just assume that the straight A student wasn't interested. This basic plot reminds me of one tree hill; when Hailey, a straight A student falls in love with Nathan, a failing athlete. Although this plot has been used before, Paul Griffin put his own unique spin on it. Stay with me isn't cliche at all and the twists and turns in the plot will keep you reading.
Stay with me is a book that everyone should read because it doesn't cover just one genre. It's young adult definitely; but also romance and non-fiction. I can not stress enough how realistic this plot is, it's almost as if it could happen to you or one of your friends. The greatest books are the ones that you are able to relate to, and that's exactly what Stay with me is.

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