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There are trends in Young Adult-Paranormal Romance literature directed at adolescent girls that I cannot help but be appalled by. These trends include anti-feminism and possessive and controlling male love interests. Anyone who has read Twilight, Halo, Hush, Hush, or any other scorned YA book that has been frequently reviewed by members of the goodreads community knows exactly what I am talking about. Whereas some people might enjoy these books, others, like myself, cannot overcome these unhealthy themes in literature directed at an easily manipulated audience.

I was excited when I bought this book on Amazon for my Kindle Fire earlier today. The amount of five-star reviews was astounding, especially for a book I had never even heard of. I love mythology, I love PNR, and I love YA literature. I did not love Creatura. I did not even like it. It was unfortunate that this book had not received attention from any of the reviewers I do follow, as those reviewers would have likely warned me away from this. It was unfortunate that I had to experience this story for myself. Hopefully, my review will enlighten those who are drawn in by the ambiguous summary and numerous five-star ratings.

To begin with, I love strong female characters. Isis, the main character of Creatura, had potential; unfortunately, this potential fell short, and any respect I had for her in the beginning half of the novel faded as her love for the main love interest, David, grew.

Creatura takes place in the small Texas town of Los Fresnos. We are introduced to the main character and narrator of the novel, Isis, who suffers from insomnia. She is too afraid to sleep because a terrifying and ferocious beast plagues her dreams.

Isis' insomnia also takes its toll on her mother, Claire, who constantly worries about her daughter's health. Claire is described as an attractive thirty-year old single mother. She had Isis when she was eighteen, and she married her husband/high school sweetheart after graduating from high school, but was constantly cheated on and eventually filed for divorce when Isis was twelve. Claire's husband died a short while later. I didn't really understand why Isis called her mother Claire, but I'm not going to fault the author for doing so -- even though I was constantly reminded of Twilight's Bella constantly calling her father by his name. However, in that story, they were not close. In Creatura, the mother and daughter act very close to each other.

With help from her best friend's, Andy's (Andrea), father -- also the town's psychiatrist, Isis attempts to overcome her fear of sleeping. The sleeping pills her doctor prescribed aid in this attempt.

In the dream, Isis learns to conquer her fear. I admired her for this. Instead of shying away from confronting the beast in her dream, she stands up to it. Instead of a beast, a handsome man with wings is the actual perpetrator behind the bad dreams. This handsome man goes by the name of David, and despite being the cause of her insomnia for three months, he's actually been monitoring her dreams for an entire year. Although I did not think this was as creepy as Edward watching Bella sleep, it was just about up there on the weird factor.

Isis is convinced that David is a figment of her imagination. He, however, decides to prove her wrong. David does this by enrolling in her school as a student. When Isis understandably freaks out at his appearance (as she still thinks he is a figment of her imagination), David abducts her. He pacifies her with a kiss, which manages to numb her into complacency. He then explains who he is and why he is there: he is a divine being akin to a mythological god, and he's there to find out how Isis managed to enter (in her dreams) a land under David's rule known as Terra Somnium. Her being there goes against Divine Law, but David is curious to know more about her, and it seems he has fallen in love with Isis. Cough, insta-love, cough.

This is, of course, after telling Isis about the Creatura, which are the reason divine beings and mortals cannot be together. Once upon a time, mortals and immortals copulated and produced beings known as Creatura who are described as awful monsters. Eventually, the Creatura were wiped out from existence, and the immortals separated from the mortals, but some immortals do live incognito among the humans. However, they know not to fall in love with humans.

Despite David insta-loving Isis, I was able to continue to respect Isis for keeping her distance because she actually understood how futile it would be to be together. Unfortunately, she gradually fell in love with him and lost all my respect for her in the process.

Now onto discussing my big pet-peeves:

Controlling boys

But it's okay, because jealousy is attractive, right?


Let me quote something for you, from 26%:

"Hey, Isis!" Simon, one of the football players greeted me as we passed each other in the hall.
"Hi Simon. See ya later." I waved.
David grasped my hand and stopped walking. I tried to let myself loose, but his grip was far too tight.
"David, you're hurting me," I pleaded. He loosened his grip but did not release his hold.
"Who...was...that?" His jaw was tight and his eyes were infuriated.
"He's a guy in my class. Let me go." I was partially whining.
"Do you fancy him?" His mouth was a flat line.
"That's none of your business," I said, trying to pry his fingers from my hand. He took hold of that hand too. Giving up on the custody battle for my limbs, I looked up at him questionably. Why was he acting this way?

Let me tell you why he's acting that way, Isis.

BECAUSE HE'S BAD NEWS. If that doesn't send off warning signs in your pretty little "I'm taking advanced classes for college credit" head, then this next quote from David should: "Isis, I am envious of every male that sets his sights on you, and if I could, I would tear out their eyes." (28%)

Oh, and a third whammy from David: "Promise me you will never love anyone more than you love me."
"Are you saying good-bye?" My heart began to hurt.
"No. I'm securing my treasure." (89%)


Idiot main character

Okay, so our main character is a Mary Sue. She's described as smart (I fail to see the evidence behind this), beautiful, loved by everyone, and then the author goes on to put her in situations where her overwhelming kindness is revealed.

Isis has an ex-boyfriend named Gabriel. He graduated from high school a year before her, and shortly dumped her afterward. Via text message. When he comes back over spring break after Isis and David are finally getting together, he wants to get back together with her. Plot twist: he's bat-shit crazy, and he's carrying a gun.

Despite the fact that he forcefully kisses Isis against her will and harasses her constantly, she feels bad for him and wants to help him overcome his troubles, which she assumes is a drug addiction. Even after he ends up pulling a gun on her best friends Andy and Bill, she still races to help him when he texts her "need help." (view spoiler)

Needless to say, the main character pissed me off. Oh, and despite her excessively stupid save-the-world nature, she also tried to blame everything regarding Gabriel on herself: "Clearly the guy was screaming out for help in every attempt he made to reach out to me. I should have contacted his parents when this was all happening. I should have told my mother. I should have tried to talk to him in a civilized manner instead of brushing him off. Everything that was happening was my fault -- I could see that now. I was to blame for the trauma Gabriel caused Andy and Bill and for the jealousy that burned in Gabriel that caused him to point a gun at my friends. I was to blame for his disappearance." (86%)

Please, there is no way this girl can be described as smart and act/think like such an idiot.


Stereotypes: I'm so sick of the cheerleader being portrayed as the school bitch just because she is pretty and confident. It's not like she's even bullying the main character; she just has her eye on David and is forward in her attraction. This means she's obviously the worst bitch on the planet and obviously a slut for being so forward!

Editing errors: "We've just met me" (28%). Yes, we have, Isis. And this is crazy... I'll just leave it at that.

Stupid plot twists: (view spoiler)

Stupid plot devices: (view spoiler)

Vomit worthy poetry: "Your guise is unparalleled, Your touch entices my thirst, Your presence thaws my soul, My torso threatens to burst" (35%). Please, gag me. I've never claimed to be a romantic. I'm actually pretty much the polar opposite of one. But still, being reduced to reading multiple lines of romantic poetry was nauseating.

I feel I've listed enough grievances. I read the entire book, so I'm entitled to my opinion, which seems to be vastly different from the overwhelming amount of five-star ratings this book has received.

If you can stomach something that reads akin to Twilight, well, good for you. I'm just putting this review forth with the hope that I can provide a different viewpoint for those on the fence about buying this book.
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Sequoia I'm following you. This book was just... Sheer ducking torture. Some much insta-love with Claire (the slut) and David... I wanted to tear my hair out

Ripple I had my share of expectations for this book, turst me, good expectations! 15% in and I a, ready to throw my reader theough the window.....i'm dropping this one out. I was lookin for a creative romantic and adventurous flick not some Twilight rip off with a change of plot =.= Amazing review, thanks for stopping me from wasting any more time of my time.

Alyssa Yeah, when you see all those 4 and 5 star reviews on the front page, you're like 'wow, this looks really good.' Then you buy it and you begin to realize this really wasn't what you were expecting at all!

message 4: by Alba (new) - rated it 1 star

Alba BookPics I'm so happy I'm not the only one who didn't like this book.

message 5: by J K (new)

J K Sounds vile, ugh, bring back Buffy! will avoid, so thanks for the warning!!

message 6: by Rachael (new)

Rachael thank you for posting feminist review of this book. Why is it every book I come across in the "witches" list so similar to this trope?

message 7: by Ciara (new)

Ciara Thank you so much for sparing me from this. I was about to begin reading it, and would have wasted my time l.

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