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The Call of the Wild by Jack London
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Jun 04, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on June 04, 2012 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** I like this story because it presents the call of our ancestors. Everybody has it in their blood that at least one of their ancenstors fought, and killed a big bad bear, but we become comfortable now more than ever. When we feel bad, we watch a sitcom or we eat something sweet. Every night 9 out of 10 people are watching tv. We forgot how to be men, we forgot we have to fight to be something, we just wait for something to happen. Well, I don't want to live this way, and this book is a step forward in my journey. From this moment on I will be using "they" instead of "we" because I don't want to associate myself to those persons, desperately waiting for something to happen that would change their lives. Buck choose his own destinity, he choose to be the leader, and not be ruled by someone who was unworthy and weaker. I suggest YOU do the same.
A quick summary:
Buck, a brave dog, is taken against his will in the ruthless cold of North. He lived in comfort being a judger's pet, until one servant with gambling issues sells him. He eventually attains a pack of dogs that transport goods, especially gold. After killing the alpha, he takes the lead of the pack, being praised by the humans for his qualities. The pack is sold for moving postal goods which sucks them dry of all energy because of the bigger quantity. They are bought by some unexperienced dudes in search for gold, who sink in the ocean after a while as a proof of stupidity. But luckily after too many days of dragging the sledge everyone was exhausted and Buck had the balls to not get up when he was commanded to. John helps him out and they both watch how the ice breaks at their weight. Buck becomes very loyal to John, saving his life in more than one time. After a while he is drawn into the nature and befriends a wolf, returning shortly to John, but going in the woods again for a while. Indians killed john and the rest of the camp, Buck feels it and comes after indians. A wolf pack approaches Buck and he joins it after some fighting. Buck becomes the alpha and a legend for the locals

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