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Adorkable by Sarra Manning
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Jun 03, 2012

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i totes love this book, but do people actually say totes anymore? i don't know. i'm nineteen and i've never heard it spoken much less texted. oh well. every time i saw totes i was all "what is going on" but i freak over dumb stuff like that.

SO CUTE. i love that jeane (the main character) is quirky and weird and generally abnormal. she isn't pretty, she has terrible fashion sense, and she is a total bitch most of the time. it's weird because i didn't really like her much in the beginning, but i couldn't help but like her in the end. and michael (the boy shaped wonder) is deliciously awesome. ms manning has a knack for writing about lovely boy shapes! michael is my fave next to Dylan (from the Diary of a Crush trilogy).

anyway i love the whole idea and how each character progressed and changed and transformed throughout the novel. it was fantastic. so read it.

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