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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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Jun 03, 2012

did not like it


Obviously, everyone has heard a lot about the Fifty Shades trilogy. I cringed when I first heard about it because anything "taboo" that becomes mainstream never turns out right. But I read this so I could legitimately provide a critique and not just completely trash it without some background. That being said, my initial cringing was not in error.

First, this book is not well written. I'm not expecting great literature out of erotica, but when the same words and phrases are used over and over to describe people and actions and scenarios, it gets tedious and annoying. Apparently, Ana and Christian love to "murmur"... that's how they talk most often. People don't do that! Yes, this began life as fan fiction, but someone needs to fire the editors involved because so much should have been rewritten.

Second, the characters are two dimensional stereotypes. Oh look, Ana is a naive virgin graduating from college... she has no clue about the ways of the world and is struggling to decide on her future.. she knows absolutely nothing about sex and has never even gotten herself off... oh she is so innocent. And here comes the big bad wolf, Christian... he's gorgeous and rich and a complete asshole... he knows how the world works and must corrupt the innocent Ana... he has suffered and is broody and doesn't like to cuddle!

Third, this is Twilight fan fiction that was not rewritten to hide that fact. Innocent little Ana falls for the dark, mysterious Christian. He tells her over and over that he's dangerous and she should stay away from him. But she can't stop thinking of him and he stalks her every move. At least he doesn't sparkle in daylight!

Fourth, the sex for the most part is uninteresting and unrealistic. Every single orgasm Ana has is earth shatteringly mind blowing, regardless of the type of stimulation or how long it takes to get there. And, of course, Christian gets off at almost the exact same moment every time they have intercourse. The descriptions get repetitive and by halfway through the book you start thinking "just get it over with, already".

Fifth, the lifestyle should not be written about by someone who based her knowledge on stereotypical representations in movies and television crime dramas. Yes, of course every Dom has a "red room of pain" that's all dark red walls and loads of leather and chains. And of course Doms have major mood swings and hide their true feelings. And the contract... oh my god the contract. No one needs this stuff in writing! So many things about this book made me want to throw it across the room, but the things said and described about the lifestyle were the worst of all. It ticks me off that so much of the vanilla world, because of this book, now thinks that what's portrayed here is what happens.

So why 1 star? There were a couple of times when the set up for scenes showed potential to be pretty hot. Unfortunately, every time the way things played out was a complete disappointment. I'm tempted to take a few of the ideas and write my own scenes about them, the way they would play out realistically.

Yes, I know this is a work of fiction and not intended to be taken as truth. But because there are so many women reading these books who think this is how it really is, I think it deserves to be taken to task for going about things all wrong. EL James lucked out on her timing and has a great agent and PR to get this trilogy as far as it's gone. But I feel sorry for anyone who gets into the lifestyle because of these books... at the least, they'll be disappointed and at worst they could end up damaged.

If you want to see for yourself how not to write bdsm erotica and become famous for it, then by all means read the book. But I would prefer you think of my time spent reading this as taking a bullet and you avoid it at all costs.
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Helen Fab review Marleney =] although I did enjoy it more than you did, i agree that there is more wrong than right with it, especially now I have read some good bdsm erotica!!!

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