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Eveillez by C.D. Hussey
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Jun 03, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

Another spectacular read by C.D.Hussey!

When Carla asked if I would like to read and review her latest HV book, I couldn't hit reply fast enough. I admit, I have been a huge fan since buying her first book; her perspective on the "vampire" was definitely unexpected (what a relief!),her writing so very realistic and her plot and pacing fine-tuned. This has not changed over 3 novels. Her characters are compelling and very, very human. I can imagine myself having a glass of wine with any of them -- and maybe having a bit more with her sexy males ;)as this author seems to know my "taste" in men ...

Eveillez features Angel, a platinum blonde bombshell vampire who oozes sex, who was introduced in a prior book. Frankly, I did not care much for her then as I perceived her to be callous and self-centered but through Hussey's deft words I learned about Angel's public personna and why she developed it, how her vampiric needs forced her to do so and how alone she actually was even though everyone knew her and was attracted to her energy.. NOLA Detective Kevin McCoy is a total mess: recently relocated to New Orleans after a stakeout went horribly, fatally wrong, Kevin is determined to arrest anyone and everyone connected with the murders of two young women in Lohr's entourage (we met the sexy but very,very dark vampire Lohr in the other books) and Angel is a "person of interest" in way more ways than one. Angel recognizes a human vampire like herself in Kevin and is drawn to him like she's never been drawn to anyone before. Both dishelved and stubborn Kevin and physically perfect sex goddess Angel could easily be unlikeable but are not because we clearly understand their inner turmoil and see their physical frailities. They are more alike than they know.

Ms. Hussey smartly brings back many of her previous characters, and I really enjoyed that. As I read about the problems between newlyweds Armand and Julia,who I adored in the first book,I felt the need to comfort them; their pain and inability to connect and trust so very realistic that I was shocked at strength of it and had to remind myself this is only a book of fiction and these were not my personal friends. What writing!

My disclaimer: you MUST read the first and second books of this series-in order-prior to enjoying this one! The shock of Armand and Julia's book is not evident in this one; it veers in a slightly different direction but does not disappoint. Ms. Hussey's imagination is still in fine form, her writing and editing is close to flawless and La Luxure is still the hottest club in the French Quarter! I recommend these books and look forward to the next Human Vampire book (but don't cut Armand's hair, Carla!).

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